Melee weapon in Fortnite: How do melee weapons work in the game?

Fortnite has come a long way since it was released and continues to grow with each update.

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Fortnite has come a long way since it was released and continues to grow with each update. Epic Games has always tried to bring unique upgrades to the game and keep players hooked. One such aspect is its variety of weapons. There are many types of weapons and each one has a unique function.

One such weapon type is Melee. These weapons enable players to strike enemies without requiring any ammunition. In this article, we have explained how Melee weapons work in the game.

What is a melee weapon?

It is a weapon that can be used with close-range targets. As of now, players can only come across one melee weapon in the game – harvesting tool also called pickaxe. The game developer introduced a second melee weapon during Chapter 2 Season 8 known as Sideways Scythe, which was a Sideways only weapon.

Players get a melee weapon automatically at the start of every match and they can pick their favorite pickaxe from their Locker and jump into battle. The pickaxe works similar to weapons such as Assault Rifles or Grenades. All players need to do is use their trusty pickaxe to deal melee damage to opponents.

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Usually, the pickaxe is used to farm wood, stone, metal, and other objects in the game. Players make use of these materials to build walls, roofs, and stairs that protect them against opponents and help in map rotation.

However, players can use the pickaxe as a weapon to deal damage to opponents. They are mostly used by players when they are in initial stages of the game when they have no items at their disposal. All a player needs to do is equip their pickaxe and swing away to deal melee damage to their enemies.

This is because the pickaxe is not effective enough and can easily be outgunned. The weapon only deals 20 damage per hit, which means players will be required to land good shots to kill an opponent. Players can be killed easily if their opponent has a weapon regardless of the type of rarity.

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