Mei Overwatch: Video shows overpower Mei’s experimental changes

Overwatch isn’t making a lot of noise as Blizzard has shifted its focus on the development of Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch isn’t making a lot of noise as Blizzard has shifted its focus on the development of Overwatch 2. That means new content for the first installment is rare. Thankfully, Blizzard recently introduced a new Experimental Mode full of exciting changes for players to check out.

This round of the Experimental Mode enabled content creators to pick the changes, and they grabbed this opportunity with both arms. A video of Mei recently shared on Reddit shows the fun of these adjustments, and also why they’ll never be rolled out for live servers.

The clip shows a Mei player showing off one of the experimental changes made to her kit for the limited-time event. Mei uses her Ice Wall ability to climb to an upraised area of the map. She then charges to where the action is beneath her, jumps into the air, and makes use of her Cryo-Freeze ability when airborne.

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Normally, pulling this would result in nothing but the character’s frozen body falling on the ground, leaving her invulnerable until she comes back to normal. In this Experimental Mode; however, Mei became a giant ice missile.

After using her Cryo-Freeze, the character falls on the enemy team and destroys them completely. She gets four instant kills. In the Experimental Mode, though, Mei’s Cryo-Freeze causes whopping 2,000 damage.

Some players will say the character’s Cryo-Freeze is overpowered, and they’re right, as 2,000 damage is a lot. But as the name suggests, Experimental Mode is made for experimenting, and this looks like a successful experiment.  

Overwatch is filled with colorful characters, good graphics, and addictive gameplay. It has become one o the most played competitive shooters in history and it’s a title every gamer should play at least once. It checks all the boxes, basically, and it’s a game that would fit the free-to-play model nicely. But is Overwatch free to play?

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