Mavi special voice pack in BGMI: Know how to get it

By Naman Alok | May 26, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

BGMI is giving a Special voice pack of esports personality, and here is Team XSpark’s Mavi aka Harmandeep Singh’s special voice pack. Mavi is widely regarded as one of the most popular BGMI esports personalities in the country, and he has developed a considerable fanbase over the years as one of the best one-on-one players in the Battlegrounds Mobile India. His team, Team XSpark was placed 1st in THUG Invitational Season 4, his team went away with Rs 2,50,000. Mavi special voice pack in BGMI: Know how to get it

Mavi special voice pack in BGMI: Know how to get it

Mavi Basic and Mythic Voice Pack Price

The Mavi special Voice Pack is now available on the lucky crate in the crate section. The basic voice is also available in Battlegrounds Mobile India in the Treasures section in the shop – players will be able to purchase the Voice Pack for 250 UC. Both Voice Pack will be available in the game until June 17th.

The Basic Voice Pack will be gone from the game on June 17th, so interested players will want to purchase the pack soon. Mavi’s special voice pack is the latest to join the likes of Ghatak, Payal and Dynamo as esports/gaming personalities to keep their voice pack in the game. These voice packs essentially allow players to use voice lines and messages with the likeness of their favourite gaming personality.

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Krafton is constantly bringing out new special voice packs and it’s an interesting way to boost the esports in their game through crossover content like this. BGMI has a very strong base in esports with many professional tournaments with a huge amount of spectators in each round. So go and grab this voice pack from the shop and add an exclusive limited item to your inventory.

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