Mass Lavaloons Lalo town hall 14 attack strategy in Clash of Clans

By Naman Alok | Sep 26, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Clash of Clans keeps on bringing new updates every year in which the most interesting update is Town Hall. Which all players are waiting for. The last Town Hall Update in Clash of Clans came for Town Hall 14 With that Troops and there were some changes to the spell as well. Only THHall 14 players can participate in the esport and it is very difficult to defeat Town Hall 14. That’s why in this article, we will look at the Lavaloons attack strategy to beat Th14’s base. Mass Lavaloons Lalo town hall 14 attack strategy in Clash of Clans

How to use Mass Lavaloons Lalo attack strategy in Clash of Clans 

Lavaloons is a famous attack strategy. Which is used by a lot of players. In this attack strategy, we use Lava Hound with Balloons. Although the damage of Balloons is very high, but its hitpoint is very low, so he can  quickly taken down by defences.  And so to keep the balloons safe, Lava Hound is used so that the balloons are safe and destroy the base till the end.

• To attack,First 2 yeti and 1 golem will create funnel from left side for center compartment. After that left side will deploy king and queen in middle itself.

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• After that, When King and Queen move to the middle compartment, 1 rage spell and battle blimp will use a rage spell after going to Town Hall 14.

• CC Troops will be activated as soon as when use Battle Blimp.For that, 1 poison spell will drop on the CC troops.

• Now the upper side will deploy all balloons and lava hound along with the Grand Warden. Grand Warden will use the ability after the balloons come a little inside the base.

• Then the Royal Champion will be deployed on the side of the 1’0 clock and after drop all the bats spell from 3’0 side corner.

• The remaining freeze spell will be used on the last defenses to keep bats safe.

Army Composition:

• 2 Lava Hound 

• 33 Balloons 

• 8 Minion

• 1 Ice Golem

• 1 Super Wall Breaker 

• 4 Freeze Spell 

• 1 Rage Spell

• 7 Bats Spell 

• 1 Poison Spell

Some spells from donation

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