Marci Dota 2: How to deal with her

Marci is most effective as a playmaking core or, to a lesser extent, as a greedy position four, according to statistics.

Marci Dota 2: How to deal with her
By Aaryanshi Mohan | Jan 10, 2022 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Marci began as one of Dota’s most powerful heroes, but despite several harsh and well-deserved nerfs, she remains a formidable opponent. Today, we’ll look at how to cope with the hero and what flaws the hero possesses. Marci Dota 2: How to deal with her

Recognising the problem

Marci is most effective as a playmaking core or, to a lesser extent, as a greedy position four, according to statistics. Her priorities in the game remain the same regardless of her role. She is a support-focused starting hero with a strong DPS.

Marci Dota 2: Tidehunter?

The increase in Unleash cooldown was the most critical and meaningful nerf for the hero. It was much closer to stuff like Ravage, Black Hole, and Chronosphere when it was increased to 110 seconds. While being less effective in teamfights.

This is the cooldown that may and should be abused early in the game, and you are not required to fight through it. In fact, we believe you should stay away from the fight as soon as you see and hear Unleash.

Even a well-coordinated team can’t accomplish much against a tanky, high-damage target with 50 percent lifesteal. Disable Marci, take your losses, and perhaps wait 16 seconds. At this moment, fighting the hero is precisely what she wants.

You’ll be in good shape as long as you can get away with a single death on a support and then band together to retaliate. Particularly given the fact that early game supports usually have relatively short death times and low buyback pricing.

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Punishing Overextension

The difficulty with heroes with a long initiation range is that their teammates often can’t keep up with them. Instead of running away when the Unleash cooldown gets low in the middle of the game, you’ll have to start answering it. This is where your team’s key members must truly step up.

The value of supports is one of the most significant disparities between professional and pub play. Cores enjoy trading their supports about in pubs, and when they find an opening and the enemy core engaging their team, they frequently jump opponent supports right away.

They place a premium on killing. Professional teams put life first: as soon as someone on their team jumps a support, cores rush to save them. It’s not always possible in a pub because, let’s face it, pub support positioning is usually quite awful, but it’s certainly a mindset and an ideal to strive towards. When you’re up against Marci, it’s even more so.

Marci is a reasonably durable offlane hero, but she lacks the tankiness of Tide, Mars, Centaur, Timber, and the majority of other offlane heroes. She’ll die quickly if she needs to carry or mid-focus fire, especially if someone on the squad has Halberd, to avoid lifesteal.

After employing her spells, she is no longer as unnoticeable as these heroes. Tide post-Ravage and Mars post-Arena are usually unimportant to you and your supporters. Marcy will make you regret going for a support trade: she will quickly kill your supports and then provide you with an additional source of high DPS and usefulness.

Punish her overextensions, put your supporters’ lives first, and make sure they have a chance to aid you in return.

Be Safe

Marci is more vulnerable to saving items than most other offlaners in the game. Marci prefers to jump supports and force a reaction, unlike Mars and Tidehunter, who jump a priority target and build up a fight for their team. In this aspect, she resembles Night Stalker more than the other offlaners, and as such, she has Night Stalker’s flaws: if she can’t kill her targets and keep on top of them, she won’t be of much use to her team.

In fact, her shortcoming is perhaps much more pronounced: her 16 seconds of splendour severely limit her. Furthermore, she does not provide completely unassailable vision on top, therefore there is little additional usefulness if she does not hit anyone. Finally, while her stun is effective, it pales in comparison to Night Stalker’s quiet when it comes to dealing with supports and preventing them from being useful.

Obtain and save items. When dealing with Marci, the Glimmer Cape, Force Staff, Ghost Scepter, Aeon Disk, or even the Lotus Orb can be game-changing. In the current meta, you want aggressive items on your supports the majority of the time, because protecting cores from initiation is quite difficult.

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