Maguu Kenki: How to defeat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact

Yashiori island, which is one of the islands of the Inazuma archipelago, hosts of Genshin Impact’s strangest bosses.

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Genshin Impact developers continue to expand the game, thanks to the regular updates that keep adding new zones, bosses, and loot. Inazuma, the latest nation added to the game, has been growing rapidly over the last few months, and now features six different islands.

Yashiori island, which is one of the islands of the Inazum archipelago, hosts of Genshin Impact’s strangest bosses named Maguu Kenki, also called Ingenious Machine: Marionetter Swordmaster. It is a sword-fighting construct that only seems to be able to communicate through combat. Maguu Kenki is a difficult boss, but an essential one for players trying to level up Sayu or Kazuha.

How to prepare for the fight

Before players fight Maguu Kenki, they will first have to find it. Yashiori Island is the third island that most players will reach while exploring Inazuma, and it can only be unlocked after players have advanced the main story enough. The boss can be found on the south side of the island, between Jakotsu Mine and the Serpent’s Head.

Unlike some Genshin Impact bosses, players don’t need to complete any quest to unlock Maguu Kenki. Rather, players can challenge Maguu Kenki just by entering the boss arena. When it comes to picking a team, players should choose the best fighter instead of focusing on or avoiding any elements in particular.

This is because Maguu Kenki is one of the very few bosses that have no particular resistance, meaning any kind of damage will be effective.

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Maguu Kenki boss strategy

Despite lacking elemental resistance, Maguu Kenki can still be a tough boss to beat. Throughout the fight, players should pay attention to its Oni mask: A plain mask will block all ranged attacks, a mask with glowing green and red eyes is about to charge in the forward direction, and a mask that is circling the player will explode soon.

While the boss has more than 75% HP, it will exclusively deal physical damage, but once it has fallen below 75%, it will start using new Anemo and Cryo attacks. In the first stage, players don’t need to worry about Maguu Kenki’s charge attack, which is foreshadowed by it sheathing its sword, and players can evade it by dodging to the side.

In the second stage, the boss will use a powerful attack, which players must either avoid or evade by dodging. It will also use an upgraded version of its charge, as well as a new ability to summon a phantom to repeat its strikes. Players who manage to dodge well and strike between the boss’ larger attacks can easily dispatch Maguu Kenki.

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