Look for Vermeer's paintbrush Genshin Impact: Painting locations in the game

Luhua Landscape quest's aim is to "Look for Vermeer's paintbrushes and paints."

credit: Genshin Impact

Vermeer’s paintbrush and paint locations in Genshin Impact are very important to the Luhua Landscape quest. The main purpose is to “Look for Vermeer’s paintbrushes and paints,” but it’s important to note that only two locations in the game feature this quest item. The two locations are:

  • A little bit east of the western Teleport Waypoint in Luhua Pool, near some books on a cliff behind a bush.
  • Northwest the eastern Teleport Waypoint in Luhua Pool, in a corner by some walls near a bag.
credit: Genshin Impact

Locating Vermeer’s paintbrush and paint

The first paintbrush and paint can be found east of the western Teleport Waypoint in Luhua Pool. Players must locate a tree and a rock east of that Teleport Waypoint. Players should go past it and stop at the edge of the cliff.

If players are able to reach here, they should be able to find the yellow aura required to interact with to collect the items. Players should use the eastern Teleport Waypoint in Luhua Pool and head northwest. They need to go all the way past the brazier to notice another area near the cliff that has bags and books. The final paintbrush and paint can be found in the corner next to one of those bags.

Once players are done collecting these items, they need to return them to their owner for the next part of the quest. They will be provided with a Strange Stone and they will have to find another one.

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How to find other Strange Stone

There are some potential locations where the second Strange Stone can spawn. Players can find the Strange Stone at different places. There are only three notable spawns for this quest item. All of them spawn in shallow water.

Some locations could have Hilichurls nearby, but defeating them isn’t necessary for the Luhua landscape quest. Some of these places could give the player random junk such as Radishes, but players should ignore them keep looking for the Strange Stone.

Once they find it, they should go back to Vermeer and climb the two huge statues. Once the player is near the head of a statue, they will get a “Mysterious Statue” prompt.

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