LIGHTNINGFAST GLOBAL ESPORTS Role, Age, Date Of Birth, Family, YouTube, Achievements, Team

Abhurip “Lightningfast” Choudhary, is a well-known Valorant gamer in India. He is very often known as “GOLU” and is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who has also represented India at the international level. Currently, Lightningfast is a member of Global Esports and an important member of his team. Check out LIGHTNINGFAST GLOBAL ESPORTS Role, Age, Date Of Birth, Family, YouTube, Achievements, Team

Lightningfast had not only been one of the best players of CS:GO in India in 2020, but is also currently holding the top spot with Global Esports in Valorant. Lightningfast’s CS:GO career was fast-paced, and his career had just taken off before he decided to pursue with Valorant

He started his career in CSGO as an entry fragger, but in valorant he plays the role of sentinel, when asked about this he replied “I used to generally play duelist roles with Level 5, such as the Jett or Phoenix, when I first started playing. Later, Hellranger contacted me and asked if I wanted to play Valorant for Global Esports, and because Skillz was already assigned to the role of second duelist, they asked if I could fill the role of Sentinel. I wasn’t sure at first, but as I worked my way through the Cypher, I felt more comfortable with it and began to like it in a way that my team would approve of”.


Logitech X Loco InvitationalGE3:01st$2,690
WD Black Cup- S2GE3:11st$4,000
Fight NightGE3:11st$3,031
Valorant Conquerors ChampionshipGE3:21st$16,500
The Esports Club Gauntlet S1GE2:32nd$3,376
AORUS X AMD Pro Series ValorantGE3:01st$5,000
Skyesports League 2021BC2:32nd$4,118
WD Black CupGE3:21st$2,761
Valorant Power Up IndiaGE3:11st$5,428
The Esports Club InvitationalGE3:11st$2,055


Started his esports career with Team Global Esports. He has had a very good journey, after having good and consistent performances in tournaments. 

Past Teammates are: HellRanger (IGL),  SKRossi (Duelist), Kappa (Initiator), Skillz (Second Duelist)

Net Worth

As a professional player, there is just a vague idea about how much he is earning, but there is no concrete number on it as of now.

Profession Esports Player/ Youtuber
Monthly IncomeNot Known 
Net WorthNot Known
Money factorsYoutube, Valorant, Promotions

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