Leaks suggests decisive changes in Apex Legends next seasons

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 30, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Apex Legends’ upcoming season or one of the upcoming few seasons – may be launching a modification that’s already left gamers distributed. As per one pro gamer who apparently let something slide ahead of any official declaration from Respawn Entertainment, a upcoming season will supposedly make it so that gamers spawn with a P2020 as opposed to falling into a map unarmed. Doing so would give gamers a fighting opportunity at the drop if they can’t find any desirable weapon right away, but some have also complained that this would lessen the battle royale formula of Apex. Leaks suggests decisive changes in Apex Legends next seasons.

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TSM ImperialHal talked unprompted about the way Apex is apparently shifting in a forthcoming season during one of his new streams. At one point in the stream, he stated “we’re spawning with a P20 next season” and inquired if everyone was prepared for that.

The off-handed statement instantly got into the spotlight of people who communicated on social media what the execution of this feature might appear like in Apex and how it’d impact the game. Those within the subreddit for competitive Apex brought up points stating that it would be profitable to begin with a P2020 so that you’d have something to fall behind on if RNG isn’t in your favor and someone else discovers a weapon before you can. Others noted that it’s already very apparent to reach on one person as a group of three and slap them out prior to responding even if that one person is eligible to discover a gun first.

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