Source Code And Anti-Cheat Stolen In League Of Legends Game : Check Out All Information

Recently, it was revealed by Riot Games that a hacker had stolen the source code of League of Legends and breached its systems.

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“The company further noted that “it will release a full report detailing the techniques of future attackers, the areas where riot protection controls failed, and the steps we are taking to ensure this does not happen again”. “. Reportedly, it wasn’t just League of Legends source code and some anti-cheat software that was stolen, but also unreleased, experimental features from Riot Games’ portfolio of titles. If you need more information about League Of Legends Source Code And Anti-Cheat Stolen  then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Source Code And Anti-Cheat Stolen In League Of Legends:

Earlier this week, Riot disclosed the breach on Twitter as a “social engineering attack,” assuring players that an update would be provided following the investigation. The video game developer has also received a ransom email from the attackers, which the company says it will not pay. Furthermore, the company assured that no player’s data or personal information was compromised, but acknowledges that the source code obtained by the attacker may have resulted in new cheats.

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Bizarrely, the situation escalated when Riot Games released a ransom email demanding the hacker send funds. Recently, it was revealed by Riot Games that a hacker had stolen the source code of League of Legends and breached its systems. Not only that, but the malicious individual also made away with the source code details of the anti-Riot cheat programs and Teamfight Tactics.

“While this attack disrupted our build environment and may cause problems in the future, most importantly we are confident that no player data or player personal information was compromised,” Riot Games said. Tweeted.

Following an analysis of the attack, Riot Games has revealed that the source codes for its popular video games League of Legends and TFT (Teamfight Tactics) were stolen in a recent cyberattack. In addition, the hackers also stole the source code of an old anti-cheat platform. The threat actors claimed that they had access to the development network for thirty-six hours until they were detected by the company’s Security Operations Center (SOC). They told VX that their goal was to steal the source code of Riot Vanguard, the game company’s anti-cheat software.

In the past year, The threat actor behind the attack began selling the purported source code for League of Legends and the legacy Pacman anti-cheat platform on a popular hacking forum.

“Frankly, any disclosure of source code could increase the likelihood that new hoaxes would emerge. Since the attack, we have been working to assess its impact on Anti Cheat and deploy fixes as soon as possible if necessary.” Be prepared to do.”

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