League of Legends characters: Every playable Arcane character

Arcane's release demonstrates how the game has transcended the video game landscape and become a household name in pop culture.

League of Legends characters: Every playable Arcane character. (Credits: Riot Games)

Arcane is a new Netflix animated series that delves into the universe of League of Legends while also telling the story of two in-game champions. Find League of Legends characters: Every playable Arcane character in the game.

For numerous years, League has been one of the most popular team strategy games. Arcane’s release demonstrates how the game has transcended the video game landscape and become a household name in pop culture. Many League Champions appear in various forms on the show, all of which will be listed and discussed here today.

Arcane: Exploring all League of Legends characters


Powder/Jinx has been described as a wild cannon that revels in wreaking havoc in her wake. She has also been shown to dislike boredom, which is likely due to her upbringing in the midst of a class conflict, as seen in Arcane. While this post will not contain any direct spoilers for the series, we will most likely witness how Powder transforms into the chaotic mess we know and love from League.


Due to her impulsiveness, Vi/Violet is proven to be hot-headed and, in some ways, as destructive as Jinx. Vi has been proven to dislike authority figures as a former criminal, which is consistent with her on-the-streets persona thus far.

She’s also reported to have developed strong survival instincts as a child, which she’ll likely on on to Jinx when they grow up during Arcane.

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Caitlyn is a skilled markswoman who is often regarded as the greatest in Piltover. She is frequently paired with Vi to counteract the latter’s impetuous personality, as she is gifted with great intellect and a cool, quiet attitude.

Caitlyn is not only intelligent, but she is also crafty enough to set up traps for the crooks throughout the city. Arcane should be able to show viewers how she and Vi initially met.


Jayce is one of Piltover’s most talented inventors, committed to the city’s protection and the advancement of civilization in general. Jayce’s signature hammer not only symbolises his wisdom, but also his power and battle prowess.

Although he is inherently gifted in many areas, he dislikes the attention Piltover lavishes on him. Regardless, he fights for the safety of his city and home.


Finally, we have Viktor, another inventor who, like Jayce, dedicates his life to the betterment of humanity. Viktor’s ambition is to raise the residents of Zaun (Piltover’s undercity) to a higher level of knowledge by fully embracing technology and all of its accomplishments.

Viktor proves his genuine belief, dedication, and devotion to his cause by transforming his own body into one of steel and science.


Ryze is the fastest-appearing supporting cast Champion, despite the fact that he does not appear during Arcane’s events. We watch Ryze save Jayce and his mother from freezing to death in the cold region of Frejlord during a pivotal memory for Jayce. This is most likely what spurred Jayce on to become a Champion.


Ekko is a future League champion who meets Violet, his eventual friend, and Powder/Jinx, his future crush. Arcane introduces childhood Ekko about midway through the first episode.

As League players see him, Champion Ekko is a Zaun prodigy who has complete control over the flow of time and reality. Despite his incredible freedom, Ekko is devoted to his pals and will bend reality to create perfect moments with them.


In Arcane, Heimerdinger is introduced as a professor at Piltover Academy and a member of the council. Heimerdinger’s Arcane look thus far is in accordance with his Champion description, since he is also presented as an innovator.

Heimerdinger invents and battles for the purpose of knowledge and learning, driven by a passionate desire to explain the incomprehensible. It would be fantastic to watch him progress from professor to full-fledged Champion over the course of Arcane.


Finally, in the final scenes of Arcane’s first episode, the sadistic Singed makes his appearance. Singed is shown testing with a serum on a rat while working with the Arcane-original villain Silco.

As Arcane progresses, the rat transforms into a killing machine, which we watch Singed do to several individuals. It’d be fantastic to see him lose his humanity during Arcane, eventually transforming into a cruel alchemist who terrorises everyone in his path.

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