Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India linked with banned PUBG Mobile

The ‘com.pubg.imobile’ part of the URL is known as the app package.

Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration live on Google Play for Android devices, something astonishing came to light. The URL of the game uses the term PUBG Mobile. It is a shocker Krafton wanted Battlegrounds Mobile India to be a separate entity not be associated with PUBG Mobile.

If you see the Battlegrounds Mobile India on the Google Play Store, the URL show is

The ‘com.pubg.imobile’ part of the URL is an app package. PUBG Mobile’s original app package was ‘com.pubg.krmobile’. In this the ‘kr’ is for Korea and ‘i’ is for India, suggesting region-specific versions.

What difference does pubg.imobile make?

According to Android developers, this package would uniquely demarcate your app. This demarcation will make the visibility of the app easier to people trying to access it. The package ideally helps in SEO and would give the game a ranking. There is no doubt PUBG is one of the most searched games on Google Play Store. 

“We probably spend more time deliberating on the package name than we do on other marketing activities,” says a game developer.

“The upside in discoverability is worth it.

Other developers suggest that changing the package directory is a tough task. Most organisations don’t want to risk it.


There is a clear emphasis on privacy, as evident from the statement from Battlegrounds Mobile India.

“Personal information is stored and processed on servers located in India and Singapore. However, we may transfer your data to other countries and/or regions to operate the game service. Only to meet legal requirements,” said the game’s new privacy policy.

“In the event of transfer to another country or region. We will take steps to ensure that your information receives the same level of protection.”

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