Kingdom Chapter 754 Raw Scan Release Date, Reddit Spoilers, Release Date and Where To Read Chapter Online?

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what to expect from Kingdom Chapter 754, including the raw scan release date, reddit spoilers, release date, and where to read chapter online?

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Kingdom is a masterpiece manga series, created by the brilliant mind of Yasuhisa Hara. Its intricate story is set in the tumultuous Warring States period of ancient China, and it follows the journey of a young orphan boy named Shin. With a burning desire to become a great general and unite the seven warring states of China, Shin joins the army of the state of Qin alongside his loyal friend and fellow slave, Hyou.

Through the pages of the manga, readers are drawn into a world of intense battles, intricate political machinations, and compelling characters, each with their own unique motivations and desires. The Kingdom manga has garnered a vast following since its serialization in Weekly Young Jump in 2006, and its popularity has spawned adaptations into anime series, video games, and a live-action film. With over 70 million copies sold worldwide, Kingdom is a shining example of the enduring power of storytelling.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what to expect from Kingdom Chapter 754, including the raw scan release date, reddit spoilers, release date, and where to read chapter online?

Kingdom Manga Chapter 754 Release Date

Exciting news for Kingdom manga fans. The release date for Chapter 754 has been officially announced, and it’s scheduled to hit the shelves on April 02, 2023. This latest update has garnered a massive following in just a few chapters, amassing a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting each new release. With the release date finally confirmed, anticipation is running high for the next chapter in this popular manga series.

The chapter will be released at the timings stated below, based on the fans’ respective time zones:

•  Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM

•  Eastern Daylight Time: Noon

•  Central Daylight Time: 11 AM

•  British Summer Time: 5 PM

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Kingdom Manga Chapter 754 Reddit Spoilers & Predictions

Currently, spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 754 have not yet surfaced online. However, they are typically leaked on various internet forums such as 4chan and Reddit about three to four days prior to the official release date. Fans can expect the chapter to be available on March 30th, 2023.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 754 Raw Scan

As of now, the raw scans for Kingdom Chapter 753 have not yet to be released. Typically, these scans start circulating on online communities like 4chan and Reddit about three to four days prior to the official release date. With the official release date set for March 30, 2023, we can expect to see these raw scans surface online sometime this week.

Where To Read Kingdom Manga Chapter 754

We recommend reading Kingdom manga from its official source to support the hardworking mangaka. The latest installment, Kingdom Chapter 753, is available on the Young Jump website for easy access. Let’s give credit where it’s due and support the creators by reading their work from legitimate sources.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 752 Summary 

In this chapter, we see how the Great Yi Dynasty is experiencing significant changes as they launch a movement that has captured the attention of many. The Skyfire Furnace in Tiangong Pavilion has been operating non-stop for three months, producing a powerful substance called Xuanhuang liquid. This unique substance is a fusion of various materials such as red copper, iron ore, and white stone ore, which bond with the earth as they fall to the ground. 

Yi Tianxing, an authority in the Dynasty, has declared this material as a game-changer for urban construction, and it’s being used to build the city walls. This development has provided the Dynasty with a new sense of strength and unity, making them a formidable force that cannot be easily subdued by the orc army. As destiny continues to gather, the people of Great Yi are inspired by their limitless capacity to resist oppression, and they’re ready to face whatever comes their way.

The chapter delves into the sequence of events that led to the founding of Xiancheng, a magical fairy city constructed with yellow bricks. The city’s Yellow Color wall exudes a sense of safety and strength, instilling confidence in its inhabitants. The City Lord of Baiyun City, Hou Tianming, gifts Jiang Mu a black whip and a trail of runes and gods to capture the mountain. Jiang Mu uses the mountain whip to advance the city and cause the earth to vibrate, eventually moving mountains into the ocean. 

Additionally, Baijicheng has a white scorpion as a bodyguard animal, and the City Lord appreciates Great Yi Wang’s accomplishments. Jiang Mu is the City Lord of Xiancheng, while Hou Tianming is the City Lord of Baiyun City. During a confrontation, a monk dressed in black robes wields an iron whip that creates waves on the ground and causes a fairy to move swiftly. The chapter ends on an enigmatic note, leaving readers curious about what’s to come.

Jiang Mu left after successfully transporting the city to its designated position, leaving no signs of turbulence caused by the travel. He then hurried to another Xiancheng, and the movement was swift. The fairy cities are separated by tens of thousands of miles and are always encroaching upon the surrounding wilderness. Each tribute to the fairy city throughout the Great Yi Dynasty significantly increases Destiny.

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