"Keiji's Kabuki Adventure," published by Comikey Shigahime, Mother Parasite, and Tokyo Duel

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Comikey Media Inc., a portal for reading all of your preferred Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, and Webtoons in English, was established in 2020. Discover new free stories to binge every day, ranging from isekai to action and romance! Read official licenced comic book chapters in a simultaneous publication and read your favourite series on Comikey to support the authors and publishers. On January 18, 2022, in Portland, Oregon Four new comics, “Keiji’s Kabuki Adventure,” “Mother Parasite,” “Shigahime,” and “Tokyo Duel,” have just been released, and Comikey is happy to announce their release. From Comikey’s collaboration with Coamix, all four are derived. “Keiji’s Kabuki Adventure,” published by Comikey Shigahime, Mother Parasite, and Tokyo Duel

“Keiji’s Kabuki Adventure”

Summary: The epic Battle of Sekigahara has been over for a year now. Peace has been restored to the Land of the Rising Sun under the Tokugawa Shogunate. The sexily conceited Maeda Keiji, meanwhile, finds this new world devoid of conflict to be, well, fairly boring.

Art by: Deguchi Masato

Story by: HARA Tetsuo & HORIE Nobuhiko

“Mother Parasite”

Summary: In appearance, middle schooler Ryota Miki and his adoptive mother appear to get along. She is, however, genuinely scared of her son’s every action behind the scenes because he is secretly monitoring all of her errors. His classmate Kaoru Kasai, who thinks his helicopter mother is to blame for his bullying, is tired of his helicopter mother. After Ryota one day helps to save Kaoru, a tense friendship begins. Learn more about the youngster who is driven to find the ideal mother in this psychological suspense novel!

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Art & Story by: Hirohisa Sato


Summary: A typical high school student, Osamu Hirota is. That is until a nearby town student named Soichi offers to accompany him to a secret home where he would meet a seductress. When Miwako emerges, a curvaceous woman, she reaches inside Soichi and tears out his heart as she is getting dressed! Hirota awakens the next morning. A dream, was it all? Or have we only recently begun to let the shadows of this ominous and tense tale slip?

Art & Story by: Hirohisa Sato

“Tokyo Duel”

Summary: The “Tokyo Loop Line Duels,” a government-funded programme of organised violence, is pushed in post-war Japan as a way to uphold law and order. On the Yamanote line, representatives from each station engage in a conflict about who will dominate their region. Any loss could result in losing friends, family, money, or even worse. 2020 has come and gone, and a new station has been established. Everyone is eager to enter the competition for the top slot, even the well-liked youngster Koinosuke. Is he going to win? Or will they all perish in violence?

Art & story by: Yamada Toshiaki

A Japanese firm called Coamix Co., Ltd. is situated in Musashino, Tokyo, and produces manga and anime. Coamix provides a range of services, including the editing of manga magazines, the creation of animated films, the administration of character estates, copyright management, and internet sales. Coamix and Comikey Media Inc. have collaborated to licence, localise, and host a few well-known manga series on Comikey, the company’s online comic reading platform. Comikey Media Inc. has also partnered with Link-U.

With the publication of “Record of Ragnarok” in July 2021, Comikey first made the cooperation with Coamix public. The Company intends to publish new chapters once a week in order to catch up with the Japanese release timetable before switching to a simultaneous publication schedule. On its website and through its mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android, the Company has made these comics available for reading.

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