Kaash Plays BGMI ID, Stats, Net Worth, Monthly Income and More

Kaashvi is a member of the 8bit Creatives team.

Kaashvi Hiranandani or Kaash Plays is one of YouTube’s most popular BGMI female content creators and streamers. The 24-year-old is an inspiration to many, particularly young girls who aspire to be female gamers in the future. Kaash Plays, her YouTube channel, is one of the most popular in the gaming community.

While streaming games on YouTube in 2021, Kaashvi rose to stardom. Her streams with friends like Willy, Mavi, and Scout, on the other hand, constituted a turning point in her channel’s quick growth. She even worked as a caster and anchor for a Redbull event.

Kaashvi’s streams are largely about having a good time, thus viewers are never bored. Despite the fact that she is not a professional BGMI Esports player, she performs admirably. Kaash Plays’ BGMI ID, seasonal stats, and other information can be found here.

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Everything about BGMI streamer and content creator Kaash Plays

Kaash Plays BGMI ID and IGN

Both the ID and the in-game name (IGN) are crucial in determining a player’s identification in the game and in the gaming community. While IDs provide players a unique identification, IGN gives them a new popular moniker that others can refer to them by.

The BGMI ID for Kaashvi is 5111797650, and her IGN is Kaashū.

Kaash Plays BGMI Stats

Seasonal metrics from BGMI are a true reflection of a player’s performance over the course of the complete season. Despite the fact that she is only playing for enjoyment, Kaashvi has done fairly well in Cycle 1 Season 3 of the game. Kaashvi has achieved 4884 points and has reached the elite category of Ace Master.

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Kaashvi has participated in 335 Classic Battle Royale battles, winning 31 of them and amassing 1254 finishes with an F/D ratio of 3.74. She has dealt 552.3 damage on average, with the maximum damage being 2139. She has also revived her teammates 229 times, demonstrating her helpful nature.

Kaash Plays Monthly Income, Net Worth

Kaashvi is a member of the 8bit Creatives team. Her major source of revenue, however, comes from YouTube, where her channel Kassh Plays has over 358K subscribers. Kaashvi makes between $477 and $7.6K each month on YouTube, according to Social Blade.

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