K Manga Simulpubs Naruki's Glasses With a Chance of Delinquent Manga in English

Kodansha's K MANGA service announces the simulpub release of the romantic comedy manga "Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kun" in English under the title "Glasses With a Chance of Delinquent," with new chapters publishing monthly.

Glasses With a Chance of Delinquent (Credits: K Manga/Kodansha)
By Saheel Khirodkar | May 15, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Happy to announce that fans of the Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kun romantic comedy manga series have now their turn to enjoy. Kodansha’s K MANGA activity has made an announcement of the simulpublishing of the series in English under the title “Glasses with a Chance of Delinquent.” New chapters will be released monthly, keeping pace with the Japanese release schedule. This move ensures that English-speaking readers can enjoy the manga’s delightful tale of a former delinquent and a devilishly charming teen simultaneously with their Japanese counterparts.

The Story of Glasses With a Chance of Delinquent

The story is about a high school student who dreams of living in a peaceful place by avoiding humiliating miscreant disturbing life. Even though the delinquent masquerades as a straight-A student, Momose’s life is in disarray, as she has to fight for her heart that ticks for a former outlaw teacher. This weird duo plays out a funny and sentimental leader that covers themes of love and personal development.

Character Dynamics

The contrasting personalities of Maho and Momose are so intricately intertwined that the heart of this story is – a quiet girl on one side and a naughty boy who somehow turned into a diligent student on the other. Though she is a dreamy girl with intelligence, Momose encounters Enjou, an ambiguous figure, who seems to turn a new chapter in his life, and they develop that relationship.

So a huge game is built that allows the audience to be involved in the adventures of the children. The same former hooligan complicates the plot and adds depth to it that keeps the spirits on the novel’s broader “conflict” multi-dimensional. The kids that buy it could almost swear to what would happen next-where the opposite of a story is certain and only the beginning is anticipated.

Manga Details

Publication History

“Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kun” was originally launched in Kodansha’s “Bessatsu Friend” magazine in January 2021. As of March 13, 2023, six compiled book volumes have been published, with the series continuing its successful run.


Through K MANGA’s simulpub initiative, English-speaking readers can now access new chapters of “Glasses With a Chance of Delinquent” on a monthly basis, ensuring they can keep up with the latest developments in the story alongside Japanese fans.

Final Thoughts on Glasses With a Chance of Delinquent

The simulpub release of “Glasses With a Chance of Delinquent” by K MANGA is a testament to the growing popularity of manga among international audiences. By providing timely access to this engaging romantic comedy series, readers can immerse themselves in a delightful tale of love, personal growth, and the unexpected connections that can blossom between seemingly opposite individuals. With its captivating characters and intriguing premise, “Glasses With a Chance of Delinquent” promises to be a hit among manga enthusiasts worldwide.

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