K character in Free Fire: Best combinations for K characters in Free Fire

Free Fire has a long list of characters that aren’t just in-game collectibles but are also crucial in the game.

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Free Fire has a long list of characters that aren’t just in-game collectibles but are also crucial in the game. Different characters offer unique support to the players in different situations. Also, players can upgrade their in-game capabilities by choosing a character combination.

Each character offers three passive abilities with one active variant. Players can make the choice of skills depending on their gameplay and strategy. K is one such character that comes in handy in several situations and is one of the strongest options with active abilities.

Here’s how to increase capabilities in Gerena Free Fire by using these character combinations:

K + D-bee + Jota + Hayato

Bullet Beats – It will increase agility and accuracy whenever players use weapons on the move.

Bushido – This will increase the armor penetration and decrease the players’ HP.

Sustained Raids – It will offer instant HP Recovery when players hit or knock down enemies with firearms.

K+ Laura + Rafael + Maro

Falcon Fervor – It will increase the capability to deal damage at a longer distance.

Sharp Shooter – When scope is used, players will see an increase in weapon accuracy.

Dead Silent – Firing with SR or a marksman Rifle will be automatically silenced. Also, any enemy hit will suffer 20% faster HP loss.

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K + Maxim + Thiva + Kapella

Gluttony – It decreases the time of consumption when players use healing equipment.

Vital Vibes – Downed players will revive faster.

Healing Song – This will increase the effectiveness of Free Fire healing equipment, while the HP loss due to knockdown will decrease.

K + Kelly + Dasha + Moco

Dash – It increases the sprinting speed by 1% (base level).

Partying On – It reduces fall damage, recovery time from falls, recoil buildup, and maximum recoil.

Hacker’s Eye – It will automatically mark the enemies that the players have shot.

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