JANUARY 2023 3rd Week Raid Weekend Started this week in Clash of Clans

By Naman Alok | Jan 20, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


New upgrades to Clash of Clans are introduced with each new season. Clash of Clans recently received a winter update. One of the best updates to Clash of Clans this winter allows gamers to interact with their clan and create a new city. Players can now spend Capital Gold in the Clan Capital game to construct districts with the support of their teammates. Additionally, when clans play together, it’s simple for them to renovate buildings and open up new districts. Each capital may have up to seven districts, each with its own unlock requirements and advantages. Player requirements must be satisfied in order to access new districts, troops, and buildings.

How to play Weekend Raid and Gain Capital Gold and Raid Medal

The main combat method for Clan Capital is Raid Weekend. Clans attack the capitals of rival clans over the raid weekend in an effort to gain capital gold and raid medals. Each Friday at 7:00 UTC, the RAID weekend begins and ends. The following Monday it resumes at the same time.

You must upgrade your clan’s Capital Hall to Level 2 or above in order to take part in Raid Weekend. The clan leader or co-leader can decide the raid’s clan if a weekend raid event is ongoing. Raids feature a clan fighting in the capital of a different clan. To destroy the opponent clan’s capital is the target of the attack. If a clan decides to conduct a raid over the weekend, the raid will be discovered from the perspective of a building dependent on the clan’s development in the capital. In opposite to the Clan War, a clan under attack by a raid does not defend its capital.

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All of the districts and the Capital Peak must be destroyed to complete a raid on a clan capital. Before attacking the Capital Peak, all of the lower districts must be eliminated. It is rare that a district will be destroyed by a single attack because each district is made to take numerous strikes to completely demolish. Because of this, damage to a district continues even after an attack.


By destroying structures, one can obtain capital gold during raids. A particular quantity of money is the value of each building. Buildings without defences are the least valuable, although they pay more (generally, stronger defences like blast bows are more valuable than cannons).

Attacks that finish a district, whether deployed or not, reward 1 capital gold for each unit bargain left at the end of the attack. The remaining spells do not bring any additional rewards to the player. 

Capital gold will not be lost in enemy attacks. The capital gold earned by the attacker will be played by the game. At the end of the raid weekend, the clan will be awarded a raid medal based on their performance in both offensive and defensive raids.

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