Is Apex Legends cross platform: How to enable/disable?

Apex Legends players can compete and play with their friends across platforms.

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Apex Legends can be played cross-platform, which means players can compete and play with their friends across platforms. However, not every player would want to play cross-platform. They might want to enjoy the game with others on the same platform. This can be handheld by turning the cross-platform on or off. Here we have listed ways how to do it.

How to enable/disable cross-platform

  • Go to the lobby
  • Click on the Game Menu
  • Then go to Settings
  • Scroll down and look for Cross-Platform Play tab
  • Select the Enabled option to turn it on
  • Select Disable to turn it off

Players should note that when cross-play is disabled, they will be able to play only with players who have disabled the cross-play option off on their devices on the same platform. This could also lead to a very small pool of players available for matching.

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How to add people from other platforms

When players enable cross-play, they can add people from other platforms to their friend list on Apex Legends. The platform which the other person is using will also be displayed as an icon once they are added to the player’s list. The game supports platforms including PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Here’s how to add friends:

  • Open the Friends menu
  • Click on Find Friend
  • Enter your friend’s EA Public ID
  • Confirm by selecting their profile

Players can also adjust the settings in order to make modifications to how other players can find them. This includes options like Xbox Live Gametag, PSN Online ID, Nintendo Nickname, and email addresses.

If you are someone who wants to try out Apex Legends, then the process is fairly easy. And, if you are already a player then you should stay updated with all the tricks and tips of the game. Recently, Reddit user Crunchy_Circles posted a clip that shows the technique in the firing range on how to make Fuse’s Motherlode twice as large.

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