Indian Government Does Not Plan To Impose a Time Limit on Online Games

Lok Sabha about the government's plans to address the potential for 'excessive use of online games' and "video game-promoted violence".

Indian Government about Online Games
By Shubham Dalal | Dec 18, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Members of the Lok Sabha (the lower house of the Indian Parliament) asked a series of questions on the official website of the Lok Sabha about the government’s plans to address the potential for ‘excessive use of online games’ and “video game-promoted violence”. To influence the children and teenagers of the country. In answer to these questions,Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) Rajeev Chandrasekhar responded by saying that the Indian government is currently not considering limiting the time gamers can play online games.

Indian Government Does Not Plan To Impose a Time Limit on Online Games :

MeitY answers questions regarding online gaming ,Vishnu Dutt Sharma and Bhagirath Chowdhary asked the Minister whether the government is aware that a new trend of video games inciting violence is on the rise among the youth of the country and whether it is aware that a large number of such games are available on the Internet. who are “wasting the time of the younger generation and making them addicted to gambling which is causing financial loss to the youth and their parents.

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Chandrasekhar responded by saying that the government’s policies are aimed at ensuring an open, secure, reliable and accountable Internet for all users. “With the expansion of the internet and more and more Indians coming online, the likelihood for Indians to be exposed to content depicting violence has increased. Online game content is also one of the various categories of online content offered by online gaming platform intermediaries,Which is picking up all over the world including children and teenagers in India. Next, he claimed that the government is aware of the potential risks and challenges associated with online gaming, including video game-promoted violence, video game addiction, and related financial losses.

Vishnu Dutt Sharma and Bhagirath Chowdhary asked the minister whether the government has any plans to address issues related to online gaming and whether it plans to implement a three-hour per week time limit for gamers under the age of 18. She is making. He also sought details about any such plans.In response to these questions, Chandrashekhar said that the Central Government had made the Information Technology (Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Code of Conduct) Rules, 2021 to deal with these issues.

“These regulations impose a specific obligation on intermediaries, including social media intermediaries, to observe due diligence and provide that if they fail to comply with such due diligence,To perform due diligence and provided that if they fail to perform such due diligence, they may waive their obligations under law for third party information or data or communication links hosted by them will not be free from,” he said.

The rules prohibit intermediaries from hosting, displaying, publishing, transmitting or sharing any information that is harmful to children, inciting criminal offences, relating to or encouraging gambling, or violating any law. Reasonable effort needs to be made to prevent doing so. They must also provide information or assistance requested by government agencies in the prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of crimes.In addition, significant social media intermediaries (who have more than 50 lakh registered users in India) are required to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer and a Nodal Contact Person for 24×7 coordination with law enforcement agencies.

In conclusion, Chandrasekhar said, “There is currently no proposal under consideration of the government to limit the amount of time gamers can spend playing online games.”

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