In Warzone 2: How to get the RGL-80 in DMZ

Warzone 2's DMZ takes players on an adventure to loot as much as possible without getting killed by the AI ​​or other players hidden in the Al Mazrah map.

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Warzone 2’s DMZ takes players on an adventure to loot as much as possible without getting killed by the AI ​​or other players hidden in the Al Mazrah map. Players search through containers and chests to find keys that will help them extract the best equipment, thus preparing for the most dangerous situation headed their way. The one special key you already have for this guide is the Building 21 Key. Building 21 is one of the more dangerous areas to trek, but the loot is well worth the struggle. By entering Building 21, you’ll be able to get your hands on the RGL-80 grenade launcher.  If you need more information about In Warzone 2: How to get the RGL-80 in DMZ then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

In Warzone 2: How to get the RGL-80 in DMZ:

Players will be able to get rewards by completing them. They can also choose from a variety of guns, grenades, and other equipment to help them win their battles. Some of the new weapons include sniper rifles, assault rifles, and pistols, all of which have unique features and abilities. So, let’s find out how you can kill Vulcan with RGL-80 in firing power.

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First You Get to building 21 in DMZ:

You’ll obtain the keys to building 21 through orange containers scattered throughout the map. You can also find them by looting random supply drops in Al Majra. Once you get your access card, you’ll be ready to go to Building 21. You will be able to access Building 21 through the menu shown below. This access card has one use. If you die in the process of finding the RGL-80, you’ll have to go find another.

How do I find the RGL-80 in DMZ?

Hopefully, you’ve reached Building 21 by now. As you’re scouring the area, you’ll need to find Velican. This particular boss is spawning around Building 21 and will require a lot of firepower. There will also be several enemies roaming the halls, so having several friends around is a good strategy. Velican will randomly appear on floors two and three, which means you’ll have to go hunting to find him. Once you kill Velican, the RGL-80 will drop, and the Grenade Launcher will be yours.

To obtain the RGL-80 weapon in the Warzone 2.0 DMZ, players must follow these steps:

  • Players need to deploy to Building 21 first.
  • After being stationed in Building 21, players will need to find an enemy named Velikon.
  • Velican is easily recognizable as he is the only enemy that uses the RGL-80.
  • He will have heavy armor so players will need to shoot him a lot (players can also use termite grenades)
  • Velikan usually lays eggs on the second or third floor and does not have a fixed location.
  • Players must clear the entire second and third floors to find him.
  • After killing Velican, players will receive the RGL-80 as Velican himself was using it.

This is how you get the RGL-80 in the Warzone 2.0 DMZ. The RGL-80 is used in several missions and one of the missions is the Termination which requires players to kill certain enemies with the RGL-80 to complete the mission. If you found this guide helpful, you can check out our website for more guides and news like this one on Warzone 2.0 and various other games.

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