In May 2022 Know Dynamo BGMI ID, stats, rank, YouTube income, and more, all you need to know about the Patt Se Headshot Sniper

Hydra Dynamo AKA Aditya Sawant is a famous YouTuber, Content Creator and social media influencer he helped BGMI reach to a larger audience. He has also guided millions of people to sync themselves into the Battle Royal experience of the game. His tactical gameplay and sniping skills have helped him rise through the ranks and establish himself at the pinnacle. He has a loyal and huge fan base in the BGMI community. Fans flock to his live stream in large numbers where the superstar interacts with his audience. In May 2022 BGMI ID, stats, rank, YouTube income, and more details about fan favorite YouTuber Dynamo gaming.

In May 2022 Know Dynamo BGMI ID, stats, rank, YouTube income, and more, all you need to know about the Patt Se Headshot Sniper


Dynamo is followed by millions in the gaming community, which is why fans search for its in-game ID on a daily basis to send friend requests. His ID can be traced using the code 591948701.
Fans can also find their ID using their popular in-game name (IGN) – ‘H¥DRA丨DYNAMO’. Special characters in his in-game name differentiate his profile from fake ones created by other players.

Seasonal stats and rank

On regular days, Dynamo engages in managing the Hydra clan and works as a Battlegrounds Mobile India partner with Krafton to improve game quality for a better user experience. He is also busy shooting for other brands, leaving him little time to play classic matches. However, he has still managed to take time out from his busy schedule and has played a few matches this season. Dynamo is currently placed in the Ace tier with a total of 4607 points. In the current season, Dynamo has played 67 classic matches in TPP squad mode and won ‘Chicken Dinner’ in 20 of them. Along with his teammates, he has reached the top 10 in 58 games.

Dynamo has dealt 64625.6 total damage with average damage of 964.6. In addition, he has maintained an F/D ratio of 3.85 and has outmanoeuvred a total of 258 enemies, which is an impressive figure in itself.
Dynamo’s insane sniping skills are reflected in its headshot percentage of 24.0. In addition, there were 10 most kills in a match and 2876 total losses, which is his best performance in the new C2S5.

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YouTube Income

Dynamo needs no introduction to BGMI fans and players across the country. He is the owner and leader of the crowd-favourite organization, Hydra. However, his main source of income is his popular YouTube channel, Dynamo Gaming, where he uploads gameplay videos and streams BGMI.

Dynamo’s channel currently has over 10 million subscribers. Based on data provided by Social Blade, Dynamo has generated between $2.9K and $46.3K in revenue from their channel over the past 30 days

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