In January 2024, the anime adaptation of The Legend of Super Normal Pref. Chiba will debut

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The fourth season of The Legend of Super Normal City Kashiwa (Ch Futs Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu), which is currently in development, will premiere on Tokyo MX in January 2024, according to the official website for The Legend of Super Normal Pref. Chiba (Ch Futs Ken Chiba Densetsu). A fresh graphic was also presented on the website. Additionally, the anime will be holding auditions this month for its brand-new original character Duel.

The project was planned by the Kashiwa, Chiba-based public interest group Dekiru Machi Project. Frontier Works is credited with producing it, and Kadokawa is credited with providing production support. For character designs, Hir Nakamichi (Hkago Saikoro Club) is once more given credit. Aisa Mashio, Misaki Ikeda, and Moa Tsukino, who play Chiyo Yasuura, Tega-chan, and other recurring characters respectively, all have new cast members in the anime.

The further new cast members are:

• Yuri Kinoshita as Usaki-chan

• Yume Shinohara as Uno Shikawa

• Shiori Tani as Kiri Hashiratani

• Reicheru Ōkuma as Kunugi Nojibe

• Arisa Noto as Mito Hamajo

Since January 1, the series has been running a crowdfunding campaign that has so far raised 710,000 yen, or about $5,366, out of its original goal of 1 million yen, or about $7,557.

2020 saw the production announcement of The Legend of Super Normal Pref. Chiba. The first three seasons of the absurdist joke anime chronicle the daily activities of middle school girls and enigmatic creatures on the real streets and in other areas of Kashiwa (as depicted in images used as the anime’s backgrounds). The fourth season will broaden the focus to include the entire prefecture of Chiba, which is located immediately to the east of Tokyo.

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The short film series had its 2016 debut and its 2019 second season debut. Along with the project’s official YouTube channel, both were displayed on digital screens in train stations and other locations. With the help of 225 donors, the third season was able to generate nearly 2 million yen (about $20,000) through crowdfunding. Donors were given incentives including the chance to make an appearance in the anime. Since the first two seasons of Ch Futs Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu were short films that were aired on YouTube, the third season was the first to debut on television. In July 2020, it had its Chiba TV debut.

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