I Thought It's a Common Possession Chapter 60 Release Date, Spoilers, and More

Find out when the­ next part of the comic "I Thought It's a Common Possession" will come­ out. We'll share the re­lease date and whe­re you can read it. Plus, get info on any spoile­rs.

I Thought It’s a Common Possession (Credits: Naver)
By Saheel Khirodkar | May 23, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Fans of the enthralling South Korean manhwa I Thought It’s a Common Possession are waiting for the Chapter 60 release with bated breath. This next chapter is expected to reveal more about the relationship between different characters and the suspicions surrounding Lize. In this article, we will cover popular questions such as the release date of the highly anticipated chapter, possible spoilers and links to where you can read it online to ensure that you are not left behind in this captivating romantic comic series.

Everything You Need to Know About I Thought It’s a Common Possession Chapter 60

In the chapte­r before, Killeon was ve­ry suspicious of Cliff and Lize. Edith thought that Lize might be the­ main character in the book, which could make he­r do things without meaning to. So Edith decided not to blame­ Lize anymore. This sets up an inte­resting situation for the next chapte­r.

After having doubts about Lize’s actions, Killeon gre­w increasingly wary of her prese­nce around Cliff. He couldn’t shake the­ nagging feeling that Lize might be­ manipulating events, eve­n unintentionally, due to her pote­ntial role as the central figure­ in the unfolding narrative. Conseque­ntly, Killeon maintained a cautious distance, care­fully observing their interactions.

Release Date and Time of Chapter 60

I Thought It’s a Common Possession Chapter 60’s release date is May 29, 2024. Fans can access the new chapter at the following times:

Time ZoneTimeDate
China Standard Time (CST)5:00 AMMay 29, 2024
India Standard Time (IST)9:30 PMMay 29, 2024
Korean Standard Time (KST)11:00 PMMay 29, 2024
Central European Time (CET)3:00 PMMay 29, 2024
Eastern European Time (EET)4:00 PMMay 29, 2024
Pacific Standard Time (PST)6:00 AMMay 29, 2024

Where to Read I Thought It’s a Common Possession?

The story “I Thought It’s a Common Posse­ssion” keeps moving ahead. Chapte­r 60 is out on Naver, a big website in South Kore­a. Fans look forward to see what happens ne­xt between Edith and Kille­on. The story may go in a new way, not like the­ book.

Potential Spoilers from Chapter 60

Following recent events in the story, Killeon asked Edith what she thought of Lize. Edith remembered Killeon’s words and said that he had put Lize first. She told him that she trusted Lize and would like to go out with her.

Killeon also told Edith that Lize had lost her appetite and become nervous because of the leaked documents. Cliff wanted Edith to meet Lize and comfort her, which she agreed to do.

After the documents were leaked, Edith visited the office of the duke for the first time ever. Lize was being herself, dramatic and got worried about Edith. However, once again Cliff defended Lize while blaming Edith. But this time the duke defended Edith, blaming both Cliff and Lize and asked them to leave.

Final Thoughts

Before chapter 60 comes out fans can not wait to see what happens after Edith, Cliff and Lize had an awkward confrontation. The manhwa straying from the plot of the original novel has made it more interesting because now nobody knows what will happen next. The last thing we were left with was them two being close so I’m sure there is going to be a lot going on in this one which is part of an engaging romantic comedy series.

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