How To Win 1v2 In CoD Mobile: Tips and Tricks

By Shubham Dalal | Oct 15, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Call Of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play and shooter video game created by the American company . Cod Mobile is an Army Base Game, it can be played in both FPP and TTP modes, this game has been made for both Android and iOS. In this article we give you all information about how to win fight and how to win 1 vs 2 in Cod mobile game. Read carefully. How To Win 1v2 In CoD Mobile: Tips and Tricks.

How to win 1v2 in Cod mobile

1.Make your Best loadout

It is very important to take best loadout in COD Mobile. The objective is simple in that to win a match in COD the attackers must either eliminate all the defenders with their best weapons and abilities. If the teams have not selected the best loadout in COD then it is very hard to win any fight or game.

In COD game, You have to exact knowledge about the weapons to make a perfect loadout. If you want to win a tough battle to win the round/game or fulfill the goal that your team was trying to complete, You must have excellent knowledge about weapons.

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How To Win 1 vs 2 in Cod mobile

  1. Do Training: first you do training daily and spend 15 to 20 minutes in the training center. do some clutch exercise and makes you best by training . play match 1 vs all ,stop your auto matching .and play alone and try to do 1 vs 2 but you always take career for some thing.
  • Make sure you in a cover
  • Make sure your gun is reloaded
  • Make sure your health is 100 percent.
  • Trying 1 player down by grenade
  • Current your aim and do fast jiggle.
  • Trying to spot your enemies fast

How to use training mode

How to increase your reflexing and spoting power

Watch 1vs2 or clutch video on the internet

We have many video to see on internet for 1 vs 4 clutch video and trying to understand that video and make anaylsis the player gameplay .

You play like a pro and you have to knowledge about maps and all cover and also knowledge about the gun also.keep you focus on the match.and play smartly including to face to face to enemies.Trying catch them off graud and in open cover. You have to avoid direct fight agaisnt enemies. Trying to fight one by one ,always trying to 100 percent your health and always blast to enemies with nade . you will be trying to calm and composed when enemies are close and always confident .Wait for always the perfect time to kill enemies and reveal your location.

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