How to Unlock the Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves?

You unlock that, then enter the Tower of Adversity and challenge a series of powerful opponents.

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The Tower of Adversity is easily the most complex area in Wuthering Waves. In this, players finally get a chance to create some important equipment and prove that they are something else in the process. To unlock the endgame mode, as stated above, a player must achieve union level 16 and complete the “Alone in the Abyss” quest. The tower has several floors occupied by strong enemies; Each next floor is more complex than the previous one. Players can also get rewards for killing them. The following manual will describe how to open the tower, how to level up faster and how to win in challenges. How to Unlock the Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves?

How to Unlocking the Tower of Adversity?

You unlock that, then enter the Tower of Adversity and challenge a series of powerful opponents. You go up seasonally, with ever-rising difficulty and compete for different prizes that will improve your gacha characters or help level up the roster.

Requirements to Enter the Tower of Adversity

The Tower of Adversity can be entered from Union Level 16. In this tower, located east of Jinzhou on the island, accept the Tutorial Quest “Alone in the Abyss” from Sanhua. After following a short dialogue, a new mode unlocks.

  1. Achieving Union Level 15

The Tower of Adversity opens at the 15th Union Level and that’s about it. This can get quite gritty and will take about twelve hours of grinding until you hit. It can be cut down by cleaning up all the many side missions, particularly the mission “Photos of Jinzhou” which gives high amounts of experience for Union Level. Alternatively, you could further open up the world in detail to open more chests, thereby obtaining more towers to enhance your level.

  1. Completing “Alone in the Abyss” Tutorial Quest

The tutorial quest, “Alone in the Abyss,” became active when every player reached Union Level 15, serving as a gatekeeper to the Tower of Adversity, unlocking its large floors and challenging endgame difficulties.

Exploring the Tower of Adversity

The Tower of Adversity is exceptionally well-made to suit being late and post-game content, and it will be good because it is challenging one would expect to get to in a game only after having played a long time. It’s quite important to enjoy the journey, not rush through the game just for the sake of enjoying the last challenges sooner rather than later.

The Tower of Adversity yields a significant number of benefits: there are opponents to defeat with various time bounds on a given level. The benefits are represented by the increase of the character’s potential and robust equipment. To win those challenges, one needs to know how to plan the strategy and be a master of character skills.

Tips for Success in the Tower of Adversity

  1. Level Up Your Characters: Ensure your characters are adequately leveled up before attempting higher floors in the tower.
  2. Equip Powerful Gear: Equip your characters with the best available gear to enhance their abilities.
  3. Master Your Skills: Familiarize yourself with your character’s skills and combos to effectively combat the tower’s challenges.
  4. Use Buffs and Items: Use buffs and consumable items strategically to gain an advantage in tough battles.

With such information in mind, there is a need to complete this Tower of Adversity that will allow you to get some unique items and resources that are very much necessary to forge ahead in the development of your characters. Moreover, it will be gratifying for those who want to test their skills and strategies against the most complex challenges that come in the game.

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