How to speed flip in Rocket League: Simple ways to do it

In Rocket League, the Speed Flip is a move that is considered an important skill among the players.

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In Rocket League, the Speed Flip is a move that is considered an important skill among the players in order to match the speed at the highest level of the professional scene. In this article, we will tell you how to perform the Speed Flip in Rocket League.

What is a Speed Flip?

It is considered to be a more efficient way of flipping forward, which will mostly replace player’s standard front diagonal and side flips. The skill brings together many inputs borrowed from the Flip Cancel mechanic in order to be performed.

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What does Speed Flip do?

When players flip forward, they can boost for a short window of time. This is the general strategy for basic kick-offs. Boosting when the car is pointing in the upwards direction will reduce the player’s speed and change their trajectory.

Secondly, when players flip forwards to hit the ball, they want to hit the ball with their nose. This will need good timing and distance judgment. If this doesn’t go as planned, players can make contact with the underside of the car, which might cut their car’s momentum at a stop.

The Speed Flip enables players to launch forwards at the ball with a flip while holding the nose in the forward direction the whole time. This allows players the speed boost included with a flip, letting them boost throughout the whole flip as the car is always facing in the forward direction. It makes sure that they hit the ball with the nose of the car from any range.

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