How to slide cancel in Warzone: Call of Duty tips and tricks

A decent aim is a skill that every player must possess in Call of Duty Warzone.

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A decent aim is a skill that every player must possess in Call of Duty Warzone if they want to make it to the final stages of every match they take part in. It’s not the only factor though players will also be required to combine their aim with movement techniques to catch their opponents off-guard.

Knowing the map and using the game’s movement mechanics can give players an advantage against players who usually would be able to outgun them in one vs one combat. Slide canceling is one of the many aims and movement tricks in Warzone. It’s also one of the old methods that players use to their advantage.

What is a slide cancel?

It means retaining maximum movement speed after sliding. It means, when players slide, they tend to lose some of their momentum as their character will switch to a crouched position. Slide canceling enables players to maintain their speed, which means players can continue sprinting even after performing a slide with this technique.

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How to slide cancel using a controller?

  • Press left analog stick twice to start sprinting
  • Press Circle or B to slide
  • When the character starts crouching, press Circle/B to cancel the slide
  • Once the slide gets canceled, press X or A to continue sprinting in full speed again

When players start using this method for the first time, they might find it difficult to maintain their speed since they’ll need to time their clicks. However, with more practice, they should be able to get the hang of it.

How to slide cancel using mouse and keyboard?

  • Press shift twice to activate Tactical Sprint
  • Press left Control to slide
  • When the slide animation starts, repeat the second step to cancel it
  • Press Space to stand back up and continue running with full speed

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