It Takes Two Skip Cutscenes: How To Do It, A Guide

Cody and May are a couple who have been miraculously converted into tiny doll replicas of themselves by their daughter in the film It Takes Two. The pair must work together to overcome hurdles in a familiar but unfamiliar world in order to return to their normal life. Cutscenes play an important role in the story, but if you want to go right back into the action, you might be asking how to skip cutscenes in It Takes Two. it takes two skip cutscenes

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Skipping Cutscenes in It Takes Two

To skip a cutscene, both players must press and hold down Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox One/ Series X|S.

A semi-circle will steadily fill as each player presses and holds down the button. When both players accomplish this, the two semi-circles join to form a full circle, bypassing the cutscene.

When you do so, the game will quickly throw you back into the action, allowing you to go on with Cody and May’s quest. it takes two skip cutscenes

It’s worth emphasizing that, at the very least, you should view the cutscenes on your first game. The Book of Love is actually extremely funny, and the wacky characters you encounter along the road have some hilarious lines that will make you laugh out loud. it takes two skip cutscenes

That’s all there is to know about skipping cutscenes in It Takes Two. Go to our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or see more of our Twinfinite content below for more tips, techniques, and instructions.

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