How to Resolve Black Screen Issues in Solo Leveling: Arise?

We solve the problem, follow the steps because whether you are playing on a phone or a computer these problems can really ruin your fun.

Credits- netmarbleNeo
By Naman Alok | May 11, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Are you Experiencing a black screen glitch which can be frustrating for you, especially when all you want to do is dive into Solo Leveling: Arise. Whether it happens when you are starting the game or smack in the middle of an epic mission, finding a fix becomes crucial to keep the fun going. In this guide, we willl walk you through simple steps to troubleshoot and resolve black screen errors in Solo Leveling: Arise, no matter what platform you are playing on. How to Resolve Black Screen Issues in Solo Leveling: Arise?

What is the Causes of the Black Screen Error in Solo Leveling: Arise?

When you are playing Solo Leveling: Arise and see a black screen that is annoying, It usually happens because the game isn’t running smoothly on your device. Whether you are playing on a phone or a computer these problems can really ruin your fun. Netmarble are the ones who can fix it, they need to work on making the game run better so everyone can enjoy it without these annoying interruptions.

Quick Fixes for Black Screen Errors

Credits- netmarbleNeo

Restart the Game: If you ever get stuck with a black screen while playing Solo Leveling: Arise and don’t worry too much. A quick fix that usually works is to close the game and then open it again. This simple trick often gets things back on track without causing any big problems. So if you hit a black screen just restart the game and you should be good to go.

PC-Specific Solution

If you are playing games on your computer and suddenly run into a problem where the screen goes black, there are some specific things you can try to fix it. Follow these steps carefully to see if you can solve the issue:

  1. Access the Windows Search and type ‘regedit.exe’.
  2. Navigate to Computer > HKEY_Current_User > Software > Netmarble Corp > sololvA > game.
  3. Right-click on the ‘gam'” folder and select ‘Delete’.
  4. Launch Solo Leveling: Arise again.

You are having trouble with black screen errors in Netmarble games, there might be some quick fixes you can try for now. But it is also likely that the teams at Netmarble are working on a more permanent solution. To stay in the loop, keep an eye on their official communication channels like Discord and social media. They will probably announce any updates or patches to improve things.

Recommendations for Mobile Users

  • Restart or Reinstall

Are you having trouble with black screens on your Android or iOS device while playing Solo Leveling: Arise? There are some simple things you can try to fix it and first you can try restarting the game or uninstalling it and then reinstalling it again. This might help but keep in mind it could only be a temporary fix. Another thing you can do is to clear the memory (RAM) on your device and close any other apps running in the background before you start playing. This could make the game run smoother and improve its performance.

  • Consider Switching to PC

If you are struggling with black screen problems a lot on your phone, you might want to try playing Solo Leveling: Arise on a computer instead. It could give you a smoother experience until they fix the phone issues. Playing on a computer can help you play better and level up your character more effectively.

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