How to purchase UC in BGMI

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Because BGMI is a top-grossing action game for mobile devices, it has its own in-game money called Unknown Cash (UC). UCs can be used to buy Royale Passes, costumes, and skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India. In the game, UCs are also necessary to make lucky spins and open boxes. How to purchase UC in BGMI

The in-game store, on the other hand, offers UC at a very high rate to players. As a result, they’ve been looking for alternate apps and methods to get UC at a lower price.

Best methods to purchase UC in BGMI

1) Google Opinion Rewards

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, Google Opinion Rewards is a secure app to use to buy UC. Google created the app, which is the most trusted technological business on the planet.

Players can create their profiles by going to the app. They are then needed to complete a series of simple surveys in order to earn Google Play Credits. These credits can be exchanged into cash, which can then be used to buy UC in the game.

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2) Codashop

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official partner is Codashop. Players can access the Codashop website by going to the game’s official website and clicking on the UC shop.

Codashop offers players incredible deals on UC bundles, as well as cashback on purchases. To get UC, they must enter their in-game ID and e-mail address (to receive a payment e-slip) and pay the discounted amount.

3) Participate in giveaways

Giveaways are risk-free and provide gamers with free UC. Several YouTubers, streamers, and BGMI esports tournament organisers host giveaways for players to gain free UC. Players can participate in the giveaways to try their luck.

4) Poll Pay

Poll Pay is a well-known, trustworthy, and secure Get-Paid-To programme that works similarly to Google Opinion Rewards. Poll Pay can be used by BGMI players to purchase UC. They must do a few simple tasks and surveys in order to gain virtual money that can be converted for UC.

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