How to Play Valorant: Competitive Guide 2022

The mouse DPI (dots per inch) and in-game sensitivity are important features in both Valorant and FPS games.

Despite the fact that Valorant is a relatively recent game (it was released in 2020), its prerequisites are quite low by today's standards. (Credits: Riot Games)

After completing its first full annual tournament circuit in 2021, Valorant has grown into one of the most popular mainstream FPS games. How to Play Valorant: Competitive Guide 2022

The performance of a player in Valorant is determined by a number of factors. Everything from gaming accessories to in-game settings can have a significant impact on a player’s playing style. How to Play Valorant: Competitive Guide 2022

The mouse DPI (dots per inch) and in-game sensitivity are important features in both Valorant and FPS games. The pixels covered by the cursor when the mouse is moved one inch is referred to as DPI. Sensitivity, on the other hand, is an in-game multiplier that may be used to change the DPI of the mouse.

While beginners have plenty of opportunity to experiment with different levels of game sensitivity, veterans of other FPS games will need to alter their previous sensitivity to meet Valorant’s FOV (Field of View). In this post, we look at the effects of low and high sensitivity in the hopes of determining the ideal in-game sensitivity for Valorants.

How to Play Valorant: Competitive Guide 2022

The appropriate sensitivity in FPS games is determined by the game’s tempo and the level of accuracy demanded of players. The game’s eDPI (effective dots per inch) can be calculated by multiplying the DPI and in-game sensitivity. This value is an important factor in determining a player’s mobility.

Valorant, like CS:GO, is a slow-paced game, but Apex Legends, Overwatch, and Call of Duty require a higher level of sensitivity to achieve the best results. Because to Valorant’s FOV, players should keep their range sensitivity low to medium to get the maximum precision out of their bullets.

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That said, the field of esports has consistently produced players who deviate from the acknowledged range of eDPI while demonstrating their ability to play at extraordinary levels. DPI values of 400, 800, and 1600 are the most frequent. Players in Valorant can adjust their in-game sensitivity to a range of 0 to 10, with 3 decimal points.

The sensitivity of a player can also be affected by gaming equipment such as the mouse and mousepad. Lower sensitivity is associated with lighter mice and longer mouse pads, and vice versa.

High Sensitivity

In Valorant, players with a high sensitivity might have an eDPI of above 400. Players with high sensitivity use a DPI of 800 or 1600. Because the in-game sensitivity can be adjusted, a higher or lower DPI setting can also work.

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High sensitivity allows for faster movement at the expense of accuracy. In other words, increased sensitivity allows players to land rapid flicks while also increasing their mobility during gunfights or ability deployment.

Because abilities and verticality are so important in Valorant, players with a CS: GO background (who make up the majority of Valorant’s professional circle) may find it useful to play with a higher eDPI setting. For ease of adjustment, players who are used to action-packed games like Overwatch and Apex Legends typically utilise a higher eDPI.

Choi “10X” Jin-woo, a former player of Nuturn Gaming, has the highest recorded eDPI in professional Valorant, with an eDPI of 1120. Popular players such as Hiko, f0rsaken, Asuna, d3ffo, and a few more are now competing in top-tier Valorant while using an eDPI of above 400, with Hiko’s eDPI totaling 576. (1600 DPI, 0.36 sens). Similarly, woxic has a reputation in CS:GO for playing with a ridiculously high eDPI of above 1000.

Low Sensitivity

Players that like a low eDPI rating will typically have an eDPI of 100 to 250, with a mouse DPI of 400 to 800. Lower sensitivity allows for more accurate tracking and pin-point aim accuracy at the expense of some mobility.

Players can comfortably move their crosshair with low sensitivity or eDPI, which can help them in a variety of ways. Players can more easily track their opponents, manipulate bullet sprays, and land shots that require micro-movement. However, the player’s ability to perform 180° turns or react to circumstances as quickly as players with higher sensitivity is significantly reduced. Low sensitivity gaming is further aided by a large desk area and a light mouse.

Nivera, brax, Myth, Sick, and a few others have had professional success using low sensitivity settings at top-tier Valorant. Former member of T1’s Korean squad Ye “Anaks” Sang-jun is known for having the lowest recorded eDPI (118) in competitive Valorant. Nivera, who has an eDPI of 138, is currently the most popular athlete with a low eDPI (800 DPI, 0.173 sens).

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