How to play Minecraft for free and without download

If you want play Minecraft without downloading it, you can try Classic Minecraft, a version of Minecraft that can be used from the web browser.

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Minecraft might just be the most popular game to come out in the last decade, with it shooting up the charts to become the second best-selling video game of all time. Its emphasis on giving the players plenty of freedom while maintaining a steady level of challenge makes it a popular game for both purists and casual gamers.

Gaming purists fell in love with the in-depth gameplay systems. The game is very accessible, and the vast open-world provides a huge scope for exploration. Minecraft is just as user-friendly to the gamer who has been gaming for years and also to someone whose first game is Minecraft. It is a game that is easy to learn, but hard enough to master.

If you want play minecraft without downloading it, what I recommend is to try Classic Minecraft, a version of Minecraft that can be used directly from your PC’s web browser, which does not require the use of any additional software.

What you need to play Minecraft Classic is any web browser, like Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Safari on macOS or download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, just to name a few.

How to Play Minecraft for Free in Your Browser

To play Minecraft Classic, just point your web browser at the Minecraft Classic website. It will immediately start generating a level. Once your game has been generated you’ll get given a unique link which you can share with friends.

If you want to invite some friends to play with you (doing so isn’t mandatory), share that link via email or on your messaging app of choice. Then, just pick a username and click the Start button to start playing Minecraft in your browser.

The controls are simple: Just left-click on your mouse to place or mine blocks, using right-click to toggle between the two. Otherwise, it’s the usual WASD controls for moving forward, left, back, and right, as well as some other simple keyboard controls.

You can press the Escape key at any time to bring up the Game Menu. Here, you can generate a new level or copy the link to the existing one. Clicking Options lets you turn various settings on or off and remind yourself of the controls.

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