How to obtain the Long Shot medal in Call of Duty Mobile

The Long Shot is one of many medals available in COD Mobile that aren’t limited to the battle royale mode. The Long Shot medal, like all other medals, is linked to battle pass tasks. To earn battle pass EXP or other awards, players are frequently requested to get eight or more Long Shot medals in a single match or complete other similar objectives. call of duty mobile long shot medal

In this COD Mobile guide, we’ll go through how to obtain the Long Shot medal.

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Call of Duty mobile Long Shot Medal

In COD Mobile, you must kill a player with a long-range shot to earn the Long Shot medal. Regrettably, the game does not explicitly state the exact distance between you and your opponent. call of duty mobile long shot medal

With a 1X zoom assault rifle or a default iron sight, you can get the Long Shot medal. Getting the Long Shot medal, on the other hand, becomes a lot easier with a sniper rifle.

By selecting a good terrain, you can improve your chances of earning the Long Shot medal even more. Because they offer long-range encounters, Highrise, Standoff, and Crossfire are among the greatest maps for earning the Long Shot medal.

Unlike a few other medals, the long shot medal is not difficult to obtain. In a match, you can get the Long Shot medal multiple times. Just don’t get too near to your foes. Choose a location with a lengthy line of sight and begin hunting long-distance kills.

COD: Mobile is a popular free-to-play action multiplayer game that can be played on both Android and iOS smartphones.

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