How to obtain Big Bush Bombs in Fortnite?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Jan 31, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


With the latest modifications to Chapter 4: Season 1 of Fortnite arrives the Big Bush Bomb. This bomb generates a big bush wherever you throw it and let for some cover. The item is very same to The Bush, which was one of the first expansions to Fortnite; it was a consumable that rolled your character into a bush that would shift around with you like it was a portion of the character’s costume. It would vanish after you took harm.

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Now with the inclusion of the Big Bush Bomb, you can again go over the map as sneakily as you want, protecting until the precise moment to hit an unfamiliar opponent. Check out how to utilize this item.

Where can you obtain Big Bush Bombs?

Big Bush Bombs can be discovered in chests, on the ground over the map, and they can also be discovered in supply drops. When you grab them up they will arrive in a stack of two so that you can use.

Even though they arrive in stacks of two, after you throw a next Big Bush Bomb, the first one will be demolished. Accordingly, keep in mind to not unintentionally disclose yourself to other people.

How can you use Big Bush Bombs?

Big Bush Bombs are great to utilize when you want a fast path to move out of the open. For instance, you might be in an open space with no decent weapons and you listen a vehicle coming towards you. If one of these items are available, you throw down a bush to hide in so that when the opponent squad drives past, they don’t watch you.

You can also utilize the bushes for visual cover if you are having a sniping battle and there is nothing else evacuated to maintain you with. The bush will benefit you to block the enemy’s vision of where you are.

The next path that you can utilize the Big Bush Bombs is on vehicles. Nonetheless, this is less useful for you to defeat enemies in a fight; it can be utilized to attempt and hide your vehicle away so that nobody else arrives and steals it.

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