How to make a saddle in Minecraft?

Finding a saddle in Minecraft depends on which mode you’re playing – we’ve broken down the various ways in this article.

Minecraft is one of the most popular Open world games available. (Credits: Google play store)

As the title would suggest, Minecraft is a game all about mining materials and crafting, which can lead to all sorts of weird and wonderful creations. However, despite the BAFTA-nominated game’s premise, some items can’t be crafted, and instead must be – gasp – found within the game. So leave the crafting table and furnace behind – it’s time to venture out into the world and gather a saddle.

Finding a saddle depends on which mode you’re playing – we’ve broken down the various ways below:

Where to find a saddle in Minecraft Creative Mode

Creative mode, of course, gives you unlimited resources, meaning saddles can be found simply by browsing the Creative Inventory Menu. The menus vary slightly depending on which platform you’re using – but the saddle can be found under the following headers:

Java: Under Transportation

Pocket Edition: Tools/Equipment

Console/Win10/Edu: Equipment

How to find a saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode

In survival mode it’s not quite as easy, as players will have to go exploring – though there are multiple locations that offer the opportunity to acquire a saddle:

Dungeon Chests

The easiest way to obtain a saddle is by looting chests while exploring dungeons. Dungeons are structures that generate naturally in the Overworld, and often contain a mob spawner and up to two chests. Be careful though, as the mobs spawned will be hostile – you have a 50% chance of a zombie, 25% chance of a skeleton, and a quarter of a chance it’s a spider.

Nether Fortress Chests

A slightly more complicated one, players must first build a Nether portal to explore the Nether realm. This can be done by building a frame with fourteen obsidian, then activating the portal with flint and steel or a fire charger.

Once in the Nether realm, heading to the Fortress and looting the chests may well yield you a saddle – just make sure you’re prepared, as the fortress is full of obstacles.


We’re not sure of the logic here, but yes, you can catch a saddle while fishing. Cast your fishing line into a body of water and look out for bubbles coming out of the water. If you wait patiently the bubbles will move towards your fishing line and eventually pull your bobber under – that’s the signal to reel in your fishing line.

If you’re lucky you’ll catch a saddle that will be automatically added to your inventory, though be warned as this may well take a few tries.

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