How to get Star Points Clash Royale: Step by step guide

Unlocking all the cards in Clash Royale is one of the primary goals for all players.

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Unlocking all the cards in Clash Royale is one of the primary goals for all players. When a player manages to unlock the full set, they’ll have access to all the tools required to build decks, letting them come up with a range of creative strategies.

But the grind doesn’t end there. New cards are frequently added to the game and players can collect cosmetics to change their appearance. Players will need Star Points to unlock these cosmetics, the prime resource to acquire cosmetics for cards.

Players with a level 6 King Tower will be provided with an option to upgrade to level 7, 10, and 13 cards to change their character’s appearances. A card with a single Star Level will have a golden glow when deployed, while level 2 and 3 cards will get golden clothing along with particles.

Unlocking Star levels for cards don’t offer a competitive advantage to players as the changes are completely cosmetic. Over the course of their Clash Royale careers, players will collect a handful of Star Points without noticing. But if players are all out of Star Points, they can always try to collect more.

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How to get Star Points

Players will start getting Star Points as they play through Clash Royale but will only be able to spend them once they reach King level 6. Players will be able to acquire Star Points by upgrading, donating cards, and collecting max-level cards.

Players can collect max-level cards from several sources ranging from Quests, Chests, trading, and the shop. The Star Points players get depends on the rarity of the card, which means rarer cards will yield more points.

  • Common: One Star Point
  • Rare: 10 Star Points
  • Epic: 100 Star Points
  • Legendary: 1,000 Star Points

Making use of Trade Tokens to acquire more Star Points is by far the most cost-effective way in Clash Royale. The number of Star Points players receive for the price they will be paying is more than if they were to directly purchase them from the shop.

  • Non-Legendary cards: One Star Point for five Golds
  • Legendary cards: One Star Point for 20 Golds

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