How to get Savage Luker bundle in Free Fire MAX?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Sep 28, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Free Fire is an adequate source of entertainment, as its services and events in the game uplift the gaming experience and has brought many changes to the game. The players get immense opportunities once they get close to the services. After every few days, the players have witnessed the event in the game. Stay updated and know more about it. The new event is out here. If the player who does not take advantage of the Boxer top-up event here in the Free Fire will receive a bargain by adding these two. There is a certain criterion and players need to follow it. How to get Savage Luker bundle in Free Fire MAX?

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Initially, need the players purchase the 300 diamonds, and then there is a chance to get the free gun skin with an emote. As you spend 500 diamonds here in the event, the players will be blessed with Free Savage Lurker Bundle. Here is all about how to get the Savage Lurker Bundle in-game. The Garena Free Fire now has been set free and has been introduced to many gaming events. The developers are now up with the Spend and Claim event. And from this, the players will be able to get the Savage Lurler Bundle. Here the players need to perform certain tasks in a given time. 

Rewards like bundles, emote, skins, and other items are frequently needed After completing the assigned task, the Spend and Claim event will allow the players with bundles. Remember, players, need to spend a few diamonds for it. Spending about 500 diamonds, the players will get the bundles. With the help of top, bottom, facepaint, and many more, the bundles arrive with this aspect in the game. 

The event is live now, players need to opt for it as it will end up on 6 October 2022. The other ongoing events are Double Trouble, Boxer top-up events, and many more. By spending the 500 diamonds the players can collect the bundles. Here are the steps for it. Follow the steps and improve your gaming experience. 

Step 1. The players need to open the Free Fire Max game and then get the events. As you click on the calendar button you can approach the events. 

Step 2. Click on the Gamers Spend and then Claim interface. 

Step 3. As you spend diamonds, the players are free to opt for the bundles in the game. 

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