How to get Overwatch League tokens: Here’s a comprehensive guide

Players can use Overwatch League tokens to buy team skins for heroes in the game.

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Players can use Overwatch League tokens to buy team skins for heroes in the game. Each team comes with a price tag of 100 tokens and comes with both a home and an away version. Overwatch League tokens will also be needed to buy exclusive skins. So how to get Overwatch league tokens? We are here to help you with that.

Overwatch Tokens

Back in 2020, to get hold of these tokens, players were required to watch live matches on either the mobile app or on their official website. This took a few extra steps but now earning these tokens has become easy, thanks to the growing YouTube platform. However, in order to earn tokens, players’ account must be linked to a viewing platform, much like it was last year on the Overwatch League website.

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For every hour of live Overwatch League matches watched on compatible platforms, players will earn 5 League Tokens. The system records the viewing time of the players, so if someone watches 30 minutes in one session and 30 minutes later, you’ll be given credit for the complete hour. One thing players need to remember is that only live matches are recorded as viewing time.

Players need to go to “Settings” on YouTube and then to “Connected Apps” on the left-hand side. Then, find the link under linked apps and click “Connect.” Players will be able to acquire Overwatch League tokens after logging in with their account. When live games start on April 16, players can start getting tokens by watching them. Players will get 5 tokens for every hour of lives game they watch.

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer FPS game developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. The game was announced by the company at the 2014 BlizzCon event. Casual play, competitive ranked play, and support for esports contests such as the company’s Overwatch League can all be accessed in the game. The game developers announced their plans for the Overwatch League at BlizzCon 2016, and the first season kicked off in January 2018, with teams competing for a $1 million League winner reward.

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