How to get cheap BGMI UC in December 2021

Check How to get cheap BGMI UC in December 2021

How to get cheap BGMI UC. (Credits: Krafton)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a popular game in India at the moment. PUBG Mobile for Android is a free-to-play (F2P) game in India. However, like other free-to-play games, Krafton’s battle royale game includes some fascinating skins, cosmetics, and incentives that may be purchased. Check How to get cheap BGMI UC in December 2021

Players must use their UC, BGMI’s in-game money, to purchase these things. However, in order to add the UC balance to their in-game wallet, gamers must pay real-world money using several payment options.

How to get BGMI UC in December 2021

They occasionally have problems recharging their wallets. Furthermore, when acquiring UC at a reduced price, customers always hunt for discounts. The guide below should be of great assistance to individuals wishing to obtain this in-game cash at a lesser cost.

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Use Codashop For Cheap BGMI UC

BGMI UC is available for purchase with real money. The following are the two most prevalent payment methods for players:

  • Codashop 
  • Google Play Balance

There is a lower possibility of receiving a discount when purchasing with Google Play Balance. Users that shop through Codashop, on the other hand, will almost certainly save money on BGMI UC.

Step 1: Players must first go to this link using any of their web browsers.

Step 2: They must correctly enter their BGMI User IDs and email addresses.

Step 3: Gamers must then choose a package and a payment method. When paying with Codashop, the following packages are available:

  • 60+6 UC (₹75)
  • 300+25 UC (₹380)
  • 600+60 UC (₹750)
  • 1500+300 UC (₹1900)
  • 3000+850 UC (₹3800)
  • 6000+2100 UC (₹7500)

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Users will have the UC credited to their in-game wallet after completing these procedures.

How to buy UC in BGMI

Players can opt to purchase UC in-game or can use a third-party website like Codashop. They must be careful about third-party websites, as numerous fake sites trap BGMI gamers by offering UC for free.

Players can follow the steps given below to purchase UC from Codashop:

1: Players can go to the official website or click here to be redirected.

2: They will then have to choose Battlegrounds Mobile India and the enter player ID.

3: Choose any one of the UC options.

4: Choose a payment method.

5: Enter your email address.

6: Click Buy Now.

Prior to this, UC could be bought via Midasbuy. Now that Midasbuy is out of the picture, players will have to use the Play Store services for in-game payment. Players can add the Play Store balance can be added via credit/debit card or e-wallets. Third-party payment methods were not acceptable for a long time, however that has changed.

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