How to Get Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Rewards?

Season 4 of Warzone has an advantageous system split into five different, unique categories, all having their collection of items that can be captured by the Operator

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By Naman Alok | May 30, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Warzone Season 4 is here with exciting new features for Call of Duty fans. There is no doubt that one of those features is the Warzone Rewards. It is a unique rewards system whereby players can get their hands on different types of challenges available in the game. Some of the obstacles are looting, completing contracts, and interacting with other opponents. The Rewards are categorized into five, and each of the categories possesses unique items. This explains how Warzone Rewards work and how they are to be opened.

Understanding Warzone Rewards

These include five categories of items, each group of a different nature. In the proceeding write-up, we are going to break down how it works and the ways players can unlock these Warzone Rewards. How Warzone Rewards Work:

The following comes complete with a new set of challenges and rewards as an entry to Warzone. Though a lot of the obstacles do coincide with Modern Warfare 3 and Zombies, Warzone Rewards provides its original design.

This new feature comes with a tangible system for progression and plenty of rewards. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but gradually, with slight hints, you’ll get to know how to get new cosmetics in no time for Season 4.

How Warzone Rewards Operate

Season 4 of Warzone has an advantageous system split into five different, unique categories, all having their collection of items that can be captured by the Operator who has completed a selected set of challenges, from Contracts to the intense Champion’s Quest. Without further ado, let’s get straight into breaking these categories down:

Economics Rewards

Earn rewards by looting and spending Cash at Buy Stations during matches. Activities include:

  • Loot Supply Crates
  • Loot Legendary Supply Crates
  • Spend Cash in Battle Royale or Resurgence
  • Buy Stations in a single Battle Royale or Resurgence match

Contracts Rewards

Gain rewards by completing different types and numbers of Contracts. Tasks include:

  • Complete Contracts
  • Complete Scavenger, Intel, Signal Intelligence, or Spy Drone Contracts
  • Complete Bounty, Big Game Bounty, or Most Wanted Contracts
  • Complete three unique Contracts in a single Battle Royale or Resurgence match

Social Rewards

Receive rewards by interacting with friendly and enemy players across all game modes. Actions involve:

  • Live Pinging Enemy Operators
  • Deploying Armor, Ammo, or Utility Boxes
  • Reviving or Buying Back Players
  • Interrogating Enemy Operators in Battle Royale or Plunder

Mode Rewards

Achieve rewards by completing tasks in all game modes. These include:

  • Completing Games
  • Depositing 500k in a single Plunder match
  • Reducing Respawn Time in Resurgence
  • Reaching the Top 10 without entering the Gulag in a single Battle Royale match

Champion’s Quest Rewards

These are the most challenging to earn, involving:

  • Completing the Champion’s Quest
  • Defusing the Nuke during Champion’s Quest
  • Witnessing the Nuke explosion during Champion’s Quest

How to Claim Your Call of Duty: Warzone Rewards?

You can claim all rewards here, in the Challenges section at the bottom of the main menu. Below these quests on the main menu will be a Warzone Rewards section, below are the Daily, Weapons, Weekly, and so on, quest-specific sections. Most of these objectives can be completed in-game while you play. For example, pinging enemy operators can queue up directly for any game mode, whether Battle Royale in Trios or Plunders in Quads. Champion’s Quest will need much more grinding and skill as it is one of the most difficult to achieve. You can check within the Warzone Rewards page all your progress, and right now, it is straightforward to pick on how many wins you will need for a sure reward.

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