How to get BGMI pro player Kaztro voice pack

Last month, the game received the 1.8 update, which was the first significant update of 2022. Several new modes, items, cosmetics, and other features were added to the game as part of the update to improve the players’ experience. How to get BGMI pro player Kaztro voice pack

However, in the patch notes for the update, Krafton revealed that the long-awaited voice packs of popular players and streams will be included. This contained voice packs for Jonathan, Kaztro, and Snax, three of the most prominent Battlegrounds Mobile India stars.

Jonathan’s voice pack has already been added to the game since then. It has, nevertheless, made its way out after three weeks of incorporating both basic and mythological voices. However, this has cleared the way for Kaztro’s voice pack to be included in the game.

How to get BGMI pro player Kaztro voice pack

On February 18, Krafton announced the addition of Kaztro’s voice pack to the game via the Battlegrounds Mobile India Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Since Kaztro’s voice recording video was published a few months ago, his voice pack has gotten the most attention among the three celebrities mentioned above.

For 250 UC, players can purchase this basic voice set from the in-game shop. Given that the basic voice pack costs the same as Jonathan’s, it’s reasonable to assume that the mythic voice pack will arrive in a few days and be accessible in the same Lucky Crate.

The basic voice pack, which can be purchased in the marketplace, allows players to communicate with their teammates using pre-recorded audio files. All of these materials, however, will be in English rather than any native Indian language. Players will have to wait a few days for Kaztro’s epic voice bundle to arrive.

Many players will be able to get the voice pack because it only only 250 UC. This is in contrast to the mythological version of the voice pack, which has no set price. It can take thousands of UCs for BGMI players to acquire and use the mythic pack’s regional voice commands.

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