How to Get a 100% Top-Up Bonus in 2021 on Free Fire

Diamonds can be obtained either in-game or by visiting specific websites and those wanting to get a 100% Top Up Bonus can visit website Games Kharido.

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Diamonds are a currency that Free Fire players can use to purchase in-game accessories. These diamonds can be obtained either in-game or by visiting specific websites. Players who want to receive a 100% Top Up Bonus must visit the website Games Kharido. The 100% Top Up Bonus allows players to get twice the number of diamonds they buy. There is, however, a catch. Players can only receive the 100% Top Up Bonus for the first time.

How to get 100% Top Up Bonus in 2021

1. Head over to the Games Kharido website.

2. Select Free Fire.

3. Enter your Player ID or log in via Facebook.

4. The top-up options would appear on the screen from which the player will have to click on the desired amount.

5. After confirmation, proceed to payment. Players can pay via UPI, PayTM, or Net Banking.

Top-Up Options

The following Top-Up options are available:

  • INR 40 – 50 Diamonds + Bonus 50
  • INR 80 – 100 Diamonds + Bonus 100
  • INR 240 – 310 Diamonds + Bonus 310
  • INR 400 – 520 Diamonds + Bonus 520
  • INR 800 – 1060 Diamonds + Bonus 1060
  • INR 1600 – 2180 Diamonds + Bonus 2180
  • INR 4000 – 5600 Diamonds + Bonus 5600

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