How to get $200K for free in GTA Online this week

GTA Online players have a new opportunity to earn $200K by completing three freemode challenges. This amount is not much for an experienced player, but a novice can use this amount to get all the help they need. The only requirement is to claim that there are multiple funds to complete the three Freemode challenges, no matter how well the player does in them. How to get $200K for free in GTA Online this week

Rockstar Games only claims:

“Players who complete three Freemode Challenges — such as the Longest Wheelie Challenge, Low Flying Challenge, or Near Misses Challenge — over the course of this week will receive a lump sum bonus to the tune of GTA$200K (delivered within 72 hours of completion).”

Note to mention, this week all Freemode challenges will give players 4x cash and RP

The quadruple bonuses and the $200K offer are only available until next week’s update (May 19, 2022). Aside from these bonuses, this week’s GTA Online update offers the usual content, such as:

• Hao’s Special Works Time Trial between East Vinewood and Vespucci Beach
• Hakuchou Drag is the new Hao’s Premium Test Ride
• Double cash and RP on Motor Wars
• Bravado Verlierer is the Prize Ride in the LS Car Meet
• Pegassi Toros, Declasse Mamba, and Pfister 811 are available for test rides
• Ocelot Ardent is on the Diamond Casino Podium
• Various discounts on vehicles

How to get $200K for free in GTA Online this week

GTA Online: Players must complete three Freemode challenges to earn a $200K bonus this week (which already has 4x cash and RP bonuses). There’s a total of 17 of them, though Rockstar Games doesn’t make it clear that the duplicate Freemode challenges count towards the $200K offer.

Here is a list of Freemode challenges that the player can get:

• Fly Under Bridge
• Headshot Kills
• Highest Speed
• Inverted Flying
• Longest Bail
• Longest Fall Survived
• Longest Freefall
• Longest Jump
• Longest Stoppie
• Longest Wheelie
• Low Flying
• Lowest Parachute
• Near Misses
• No Crashes
• Reverse Driving
• Sniper Kills
• Vehicles Stolen

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Freemode challenges will become available if there are at least three players (not in the same organization or motorcycle club) in the lobby and will happen once every 20 minutes. This freemode is optional with Events and Business Battles. Freemode challenges should not be confused with Freemode events, as the former focuses mostly on records. All freemode challenges in GTA Online usually pay the player around $10K, which is quadruple for this week. The exact earning varies from challenge to challenge.

Note:Two of the Freemode Challenges from the above video are no longer available in GTA Online. Those two challenges are Driveby Challenge and Melee Challenge.

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