How to Fix Low Frame Rate Issues in XDefiant?

If you have followed all of the techniques listed above and still have low frame rates

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By Naman Alok | May 23, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Low frame rates with XDefiant might be frustrating but there are numerous solutions to the problem, this guide will show you how to increase game speed by removing unnecessary programmes, updating your game and graphics drivers and verifying game files. You will also learn how to adjust your refresh rate, delete old GPU drivers and reduce your graphics settings to improve FPS. You should have a stable internet connection for smooth gameplay, so follow these simple steps to improve your XDefiant experience and play the game without performance issues. How to Fix Low Frame Rate Issues in XDefiant?

XDefiant’s Minimum Requirements

Ubisoft has developed XDefiant to run smoothly on most PCs that meet the minimum system requirements to achieve a steady 60 fps per second on Low graphical settings. The first step in performance optimisation is to ensure that your system meets or exceeds these standards.

Essential Steps to Improve Low Frame Rate in XDefiant

  1. Close Unnecessary Programs

Running many programmes simultaneously can deplete your computer’s resources, and close any superfluous applications that use a lot of processing power or memory to free up resources for XDefiant.

  1. Update Your Game and Graphics Drivers

Keeping XDefiant and your graphics card drivers up to date is critical, and Install the most recent updates to ensure you receive performance enhancements and bug fixes that will improve your gaming experience.

  1. Verify Game Files

Corrupt or missing game files might cause performance issues, use the Ubisoft Connect launcher to check your XDefiant files. This function detects and patches any corrupted files which ensures that your game works properly.

Best Settings for Maximum FPS in XDefiant

  1. Match Your Refresh Rate

Set your XDefiant Refresh Rate equal to your monitor’s refresh rate but mismatched refresh rates can cause synchronisation issues which lead to slower frame rates. The Refresh Rate of your monitor can be found under the Display Options or Monitor Information.

  1. Uninstall Previous GPU Drivers

Outdated or incompatible GPU drivers might lead to performance issues but before installing the latest AMD or NVIDIA graphics card drivers, use a tool such as Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to completely delete any outdated GPU driver files.

  1. Lower Graphics Settings

Adjusting in-game graphics settings can improve your frame rate. Here are the settings to modify:

  • Shadow Quality: Set to Low
  • Particle Detail: Set to Low
  • Reflection Quality: Set to Low
  • Vegetation Quality: Set to Low
  • Water Quality: Set to Low
  • Object Detail: Set to Low
  • High-Resolution Sky Textures: Turn Off

These settings are usually the most demanding on your system, reducing them reduces the stress on your system resulting in improved performance without significantly impacting visual quality.

  1. Go for a Stable Internet Connection

Even though low frame rates are usually caused by software or hardware issues, a reliable internet connection is essential for an online game like XDefiant. Here’s how to be sure your connection is not the problem:

Check with your ISP: Make sure there are no outages or service disruptions.

Switch to a wired connection: Wired connections are typically more dependable and faster than wireless ones.

Verify Your Game Files Again

If you have followed all of the techniques listed above and still have low frame rates, re-verifying your game files may help. This step confirms that all installed files are accurate and resolves any issues caused by corrupted files.

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