How to Fast Travel in Wuthering Waves?

Released on May 22, Wuthering Waves welcomes gacha gamers to collect 4-star and 5-star units.

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By Naman Alok | May 26, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Make your journey into the world of Solaris-3 faster and easier with the help of this guide, which tells you how to unlock and manage very important fast travel points. Learn how to unlock fast travel points and how to use the found fast travel points to make your travels easier and your experience on adventures in the game more enjoyable, whether you are playing it for the first time or you have already reached quite far.

How can you Travel Fast in Wuthering Waves?

Released on May 22, Wuthering Waves welcomes gacha gamers to collect 4-star and 5-star units. The game world is very vast to explore. Without the presence of fast travel points, you will mostly travel on foot. Of course, this makes travelling in the game very tiring.

In order to travel fast you need to have accessed the Resonance Beacons and Resonance Nexus points on the map.

Resonance Beacons

Available all over the World Map, these points will drastically reduce your travelling time and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

  • Astrite: Astrite is the in-game currency that in-game players will need to purchase Tides, it is used in the summoning of new characters and weapons on standard and limited-time banners.
  • Union EXP: Union EXP is used to determine many different things, from leveling characters to farming for materials. It can be earned by following the Main Story, Side Quests, Map Exploration and more.

Resonance Nexus

Resonance Beacons are the more common of the two fast travel points. After you have activated one, you’ll be given 5 Astrite and 30 Union EXP as a reward.

The Resonance Nexus is something like a larger, scarcer tower in the game. These have an effect that not only allows a player to do the fast travel that Resonance Beacons do, but they also allow a player to do two things: A Resonance Nexus will uncover a small amount of the surrounding area in your World Map and will heal all injured Resonators for free. This will allow you to fast travel for free without any consequences. Fast travelling to a new Resonance Nexus for the first time will earn you 30 Astrite and 60 Union EXP—far better than the reward gained by fast travelling with Resonance Beacons.

How to Use Fast Travel Points

Open the World Map and select any unlocked Resonance Beacon or Resonance Nexus. To points that you have visited and unlocked, you’ll be able to travel.

Fast Travel points in Wuthering Waves help move you quickly across Solaris-3 and save your time to take on quests, gather and upgrade your characters and weapons. These Resonance Beacons and Resonance Nexus points make the game more efficient and make it a smoother and more interesting experience during exploration.

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