How to earn extra Primogems by streaming in Genshin Impact?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The Genshin Impact Streamer Partner Program is an event developed by HoYoverse to enable the advertising of recent patches via Twitch streamers. By signing up for the program, gamers can get rewards based on how many hours they stream and how many viewers they have. How to earn extra Primogems by streaming in Genshin Impact?

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For hours streamed, gamers can receive up to 1,600 Primogems, or 10 Wishes, by streaming 30 hours of Genshin Impact side-quests, stories, and events. If we talk about viewership, the highest watched streams could receive anywhere from $100-9,000 for hours seen, up to 5,000 Primogems, and $4,000 for simultaneous viewers. Although the latter only awards the top watched streamer on the platform, the former rewards can be contended by any player, even those who made a Twitch account precisely for this event.

To take part in this event, gamers will have to link an active Twitch account with their Genshin Impact account by tapping the “register now” button on the Streamer Partner Program page. Doing this will register the gamers to the program, though gamers should make sure they are connecting the right accounts. If all things are set up in the right way, streamer partners should obtain an email ensuring their expansionn to the program, and can begin streaming the game on the duration given. Genshin Impact Twitch streamers can anticipate to obtain their rewards 30 days after the streaming duration, which normally goes livs for the first few weeks of a patch.

How To begin Streaming Genshin Impact?

New streamers planning to obtain these rewards should begin by downloading streaming software such as OBS or Streamlabs, and connect it to their Twitch account. Then, gamers can develop a Game Capture source and choose their Genshin Impact window. Then, gamers should be set to begin streaming, though if they want to chat actively with gameplay or have a web cam, they can include those as well. This is just a fast guide on how to begin streaming Genshin Impact, so gamers who trap into difficulties should check out a more in-depth guide on how to get begun.

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