How to download the OB36 update of Free Fire MAX?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Sep 28, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Updates in the game help the players to get stability, as it adds more flexibility to the game. With each new update, the players can explore more here with the help of events. The helping hands that every player should have while playing. How to download the OB36 update of Free Fire MAX?

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All about Free Fire OB36

The devices that support this update are iPadOS, iOS, or Android. This is the recently added to the game. The players can upgrade the version 2.93.1 with the help of browsing the application stores. With the help of phones and tablets, the players can opt for this.

About new maps

In the Clash Squad the Ranked and Casual modes of the NeXTerra, a new map is made available. 

  • Available Zones:
  • Intellect Centre
  • Mud Site
  • Deca Square
  • Museum
  • Grav Labs
  • Rust Town
  • Farmtopia
  • Weapon Upgrades

The upgradeable weapons in the Clash Squad are now available, to the 4v4 the upgradeable weapons have been added to the Clash Squad. The players now get an opportunity to have extra options for the round’s weapons. The players get two options now: you can either spend all CS coins or buy a backup weapon. The weapons can now upgrade the CS coin.

Available Weapons

MP5-1 / MP5-11 / MP5 – III


M60-1 / M60-11 / M60 – III

M4A1-1 / M4A1 – II / M4A1 – III


How To Get The Update

The players can not access it quickly due to its maintenance break.  Here is all about how to update the game that can help you to obtain the new changes.

Here are the steps to get the event in your game. 

  1. Players need to open the Google play store or Apple App Store respectively. 
  1. Now you need to search for the game that is Free Fire right in the search box. 
  1. Now the players need to open the game’s page on the app store.
  1. Concluding with the install/update button and you are now free to opt for it.

Final words

Get the updates in the game and you will find an easy way. The experience in the game can be leveraged with the help of these gaming updates. The steps are mentioned here, the players should follow them and get more achievements their way. On the official website, the players will get all the essential data, root for it and know more about it.

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