How To Dominate As Batman In Multiversus

Batman is one of the most fun characters in the multiverse, with a tool kit that, while it starts out simple, you can get pretty complicated with it.

Batman In Multiversus
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Batman is one of the most fun characters in the multiverse, with a tool kit that, while it starts out simple, you can get pretty complicated with it. He is a high level character that can be used by beginners but can be one of the most rewarding in skilled hands. He regularly pops up at MultiVersus esports events.If you are looking for a main character, then Batman Multiverse is definitely the one to get. While his kit may seem simple at first, it can be complicated. This Batman Multiverse guide covers what you need to know to dominate as the character.Batman in the Multiverse is a bruiser fighter, meaning he specializes in up-close combat. However, he is a vertical bruiser. You will want to take advantage of the verticality on the map.

Batman’S Multiversus Kit :

One of the big advantages of the Batman Multiverse kit is playing in the Rushdown style. He has high mobility, you can move around the map sticking to opponents and deliver heavy blows. Mastering the more difficult parts of his kit will help you stay very close to your opponents, which is key to getting the most out of Batman.Batman’s big fighting moves are up-close blows and hits. However, his range of gadgets opens things up. These give you longer range options, smoke bomb buffs as well as protection, and opens up tools to get closer to opponents. The game covers Batman’s multiverse movesets in more detail, but these are the basic toolsets we’ll be using.

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  • Batarang – Neutral Ground and Air
  • Bat Combo – Ground Side Attack
  • Bat-Strike – Air Side Attack
  • Clear the Air – Up Attack Ground
  • Flying Uppercut – Up Air
  • Bat-Slide – Down Ground
  • Bat-Kick – Air Down
  • Bat-Bomb – Neutral Special
  • Bat-Grapple – Side Special
  • Rising Bat–Up Special Ground
  • Rapid Rising Bat – Air Up Special
  • Smoke Bomb – Down Ground Special
  • Crushing Justice – Down Air Special

Batman Multiversus Strategy :

Strategy with Batman in MultiVersus depends on using his moves correctly. There’s a special way to play the character that’s optimized for his kit, which will give you an easier time winning more matches with Batman. As mentioned, this is basically a rushdown. But there’s more to it than just running at players and pressing buttons.

You need to get close to players and throw high-damage moves like Batman. Bridging that gap will be important; Players will try to keep you away. People who can keep their distance are the worst matchups for Batman in the multiverse. Make good use of tricks like the bat-slide and gadgets to draw, then stick to them until you can hit enough.

Crushed justice provides decent mobility. This is a dive kick with a generous hitbox. You can use it to get up close. The grappling hook is your next mobility move, which is quite easy to use. It can also lift you up to launch an air attack if you are on the ground. A good move with this is to use a smoke bomb to shield yourself here, this helps prevent enemies from dodging.

Batman’s Batarang And Bombs :

Batman has no moves with armor, so he can be interrupted again and again. However, Batarang is your friend here. It can slow down in front of you, which helps shape your perspective. Make sure you are retrieving it as often as possible. Without a batarang you lose a lot.You can also use batarangs for spacing. When you are under heavy attack and really need some space, throwing the batarang can give you enough time to cool down.

The smoke bomb in the multiverse batman kit is special, it actually applies haste. It has to come very fast. Smoke bombs should be thrown out as far as possible to activate that buff as much as possible.Youtuber LilSun created the most complete guide on the character to date, with other content creators adding work on top of their initial guide. Check below:

Batman Multiversus Combos :

Combos are a great tool in MultiVersus. Batman also has some fun options for players. These aren’t combos like in games like Street Fighter, however, even in platform fighters combos are something you need to use. Top multiverses and best smash players all use them a lot. Even with patches affecting combos regularly, Batman has great options. Youtuber MadJuice explains it well in his guide:

There’s some cool combo potential in the Batman Multiverse. You might want to practice playing these strings before trying them live, as a slip-up can stop the entire run. Since Batman’s moves hit hard, these strings can quickly put you in position to kill. These are some of the better combos for Batman right now.

  • Vertical Combo – Aerial Down Attack + Up Attack + Aerial Up Attack + Up Special
  • Horizontal into Vertical – Down Attack + Side Attack + Aerial Up Attack + Arial Up Special
  • Batarang Combo (Kills on Higher Percentage) – Neutral Attack + Side Special + Aerial Up + Special

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