How to do wall shots Rocket League: Tips and tricks for beginners

As players begin to climb higher and higher through the ranks in Rocket League, they will notice a change in pace.

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As players begin to climb higher and higher through the ranks in Rocket League, they will notice changes in pace and become more consistent when making plays in the air and off the boundaries. So, to keep up with this level of play, it is necessary to practice and get comfortable taking these opportunities when they present themselves.

In this article, we will tell how players can take advantage of the walls to play faster and with more efficiency.

Playing the Wall

This can be highly beneficial for players and mastering it in the early stage will certainly give players an edge over the competition. Being comfortable playing off the wall enables players to get into the air faster, use less boost and open up more angles of play that were not otherwise available.

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How the Walls Work

The first thing players should understand about it is how the car behaves differently on the walls. There are a few things that players need to keep in mind when planning to make a playoff the wall.

Firstly, to maintain control on the wall, players will have to maintain either forwards or backward acceleration. If players are idle on the wall they will see that their car begins slowly gliding back down to the ground.

Besides, if players are looking to make a quick play off the wall, they need to be aware that there is a dead spot depending on their angle of approach where a jump will not lift them off the wall.

As the wall is curved if players jump too early they will end up jumping from one part of the curve to another rather than lifting or pushing their car away from the wall.

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